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  1. He already won you can win in 2 was one bye getting the king in checkmate or bye getting all of the opponents pieces

  2. Me: throwing the pawn when I was 6 spaces away then bringing in all my pieces

    Never let them know your next move

  3. What if you upgrade to something else in A or H

  4. idkthisisjustaplacewhereallmysubscribtionare says:

    Wait if it's your turn to turn it to a queen that doesn't that mean that the black king could just go back?

  5. Well that wouldve been nice to know like 5 mins ago lmao

  6. Yeah, but… what if he pushes forward at Tempe start and not back?

  7. very useful tip! i always mess up my endgames lol

  8. very fundamental and important lesson for sure

  9. levy, a suggestion, why don’t you make smaller videos, not like shorts, but like 10 minute videos. sometimes i don’t have time to watch a 30min video, but idk if its just me

  10. Omg this would have saved me from so many attempts trying to beat fundy bot.

  11. What happens if the black
    King moves forward instead
    Of backward

  12. Why does the king have such pretty eyes? Chess piece got me feeling some type of way.

  13. Never thought the opps would make it to chess

  14. i don’t understand draws in chess. can someone enlighten me

  15. Why can't it work if they are on the side, the black king still needs to walk right? Let's say the pawn is on 4a, white king 4b, black king 6a. Pawn goes first to 5a. Then black king has to go to 6b or 7a? Right 6b isn't posible then he will get killed. So he goes back a step to 7a. Then white king can go to 5b now black can't go forward so he has to go to 7b or 8a etc. In the end the black king will be forced to move away every time as when he is in front of the pawn the white king can just go behind the pawn. Making the black king having to go back(example pawn 4a,white king 3b, black king 5a) if it's white turn he can goto 3a. Making black have to move to 6a or 6b. Then white king can go to 4b making it so the king black king can't go to 5a again. Etc.

  16. so im assuming A and H is a draw because if they go to the left, you cant go to the right

  17. I can never win. I always draw. I dont get it. I make it so the king can't move

  18. Thank you SO MUCH!!! I’ve been struggling with this SO MUCH

  19. I understood absolutely nothing here. Subscribed

  20. I need more videos like tthis helps a lot goth ❤

  21. I thought the republicans are the opposition 😮

  22. Well i kno it just basic n might be for the stupid and tq

  23. “That’s called Opposition”
    More like asserting dominance.

  24. Good! I learnt this from chess puzzles, but i never understood why i was doing it. I bet there’s a lesson in the app about this as well, but no need for it anymore

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