INSANE QUEEN SACRIFICE | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN FAST #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick for White in the Caro-Kann Defense where he sacrifices his queen to trap the Black King & Win the Game in just 11 Moves. This is a real game played by Richard Reti in 1910 & we popularly call this the Reti’s mate. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess


  1. Black could have saved the game by
    Playing Knight OR
    Moving & sacrificing Queen

  2. Kyu chutiyappa krta rhta h yrr opposition tere hisab se game chlaega kya

  3. We will defend pillar move forward

  4. If he takes with the queen I don't think it will be a checkmate

  5. This doesnt work if the opponent captures the knight with the queen

  6. He can just give back the queen an still be a piece up.

  7. Why not block the check with thr f2 pawn?

  8. I was wrong with giving back the queen but black takes knight with the queen and not with the knight.

  9. But what to do sir if he takes our knight with the queen and not with his knight?

  10. Why white queen D3 ?… why not knight exchange?… Lol

  11. Bro in instead of klling my knight with his knigjt if he/she kll my knight with queen then ehat happened

  12. Bro queen could take the bishop…and can give a cheak

  13. скибиди доп доп доп да да да

  14. Those who played this type of game, they are not humans. Huge respect to them , our chess father. Like for them

  15. How thats an check mate king till has two moves

  16. Guess what 😅black captured the knight with is queen instead of knight

  17. Honestly game doesn’t works like this so don’t follow blindly the opponent can play any random move and win the game so always wait for the right moment everyone does one blunder, only if he is not magnus. (Well sometimes he also does blunders😭🤣)

  18. Jesus loves you all, accept Jesus and be saved today, repent from sin and believe in Jesus 😊

  19. Jesus loves you all, accept Jesus and be saved today, repent from sin and believe in Jesus

  20. The opponent could usen queen to take out bishops

  21. When a GM sacrifices his queen
    Omae wa mou shinderu

  22. My question of what happens if you take the knight with the queen will never be answered

  23. What should you do if black queen white queen instead of the check

  24. Samny wala apki marzi sy nhi khelta 😂

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