JUST VIBIN AND CHECKMATING 🤣🔥🥶😱♟️ #chess #twitch


  1. Canty should be charged for crimes against humanity for that queen sac, double check mate ☠️

  2. 😂😂Bro thought he had a free queen

  3. Só eu que achei ele mais rápido que o Nakamura

  4. That was a nasty queen sacrifice bait for the double attack on the king checkmate. So beautiful 😍

  5. You’ve reached levels I didn’t even know existed

  6. Thanks for introducing me to the oh no my queen Discovered double check, checkmate

  7. 🗣️ Can I get a clip? 🗣️

  8. Damn he to slick with it😅😅

  9. how can one be so clean and so nasty at the same time

  10. You saw that so fast! I had to pause to see it after you did it; you saw it like 3 moves out in like half a second. An absolutely beautiful checkmate good sir
    EDIT: Correction, 6…6 moves out. I went back and counted after he said " woo" which is when I assume he saw it. So fast😂😭

  11. This is like some samurai on the battlefield casually humming as he cuts down an army

  12. “Hold up” – proceeds to dunk in the mans face. Boss.

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