Karpov Teaches Chess Opening Fundamentals! 🥇 (Beginner Chess Videos)

How good would you be if you had Anatoly Karpov teaching you the secrets of the Russian School of chess? Now you can in his brilliant 4.5 hour series recorded with Roman Dzindzichasvili! Get instant access AND a 35% discount here ►

A classic problem 🤔 for beginners is how to conduct the chess opening. You can’t be expected to memorize tens of thousands of lines just so you get to the middlegame alive and avoid all the chess opening tricks. But you can sidestep chess opening traps and get a great position with a sound chess opening strategy built on the major chess opening principles.

And you won’t get many better teachers than the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov and “supercoach” GM Roman Dzindzichashvili! Karpov was World Champion for 10 years after the Fischer vs Karpov match that never was. Anatoly Karpov also has the most elite tournaments wins of all time and continued to challenge the next generation with the Anatoly Karpov vs Magnus Carlsen game.

For Anatoly Karpov chess is “everything: art, science and sport” and it’s this all-encompassing thinking that leads to his pure, effective approach to playing chess.

In this chapter from their “Opening Fundamentals”, Anatoly Karpov and Roman Dzindzi break down the basics of playing chess openings for beginners, specifically examining main lines in the Ruy Lopez opening and Scotch Opening.

Whether your aim is to become a chess opening pro or just score the occasional chess opening quick win, Karpov’s chess opening strategy will have you making rapid improvement. And Roman Dzindzichashvili’s chess philosophy is “if you can’t explain it, you don’t really understand it” which is why he loves teaching chess so much: he helps himself improve as well as his students!

GMs Karpov and Dzindzichashvili emphasize controlling the center squares (e4, d4, e5, d5) and active development of minor pieces in the opening, while being careful not to make too many pawn moves. Karpov’s incredibly deep understanding of chess combined with GM Dzindzichashvili’s vast experience in chess coaching makes the “Russian School of Chess” a truly unforgettable chess training experience.

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  1. Viriatovitch always liked this! Cheers!

  2. I checkmated a guy once just by castling queen-side.

  3. Karpov is the first person I've heard correctly pronounce Ruy Lopez.

  4. This is why Karpov is a better man than Kasparov. I would love to be taught by Karpov.

  5. I like this Socratic style of teaching chess. Amazing!

  6. Literally a Master Class from genious Karpov. 👏👏👏

  7. Playing to these rules is too ridged. Sacrifice a bishop to get rid of a key pawn an these players get a real head ache. Be unpredictable. There are no mistakes.

  8. Only truly great people know how to be humble. For somebody as legendary as Karpov, one of the greatest players the world has ever known, to explain things in such a simple way blew me away.

  9. Chess Legend A.Karpov teaches chess openings very patiently. Great video. Karpov my ever time favorite!

  10. Terrific job from both parties. This video should be obligatory literature in every chess school around the globe !

  11. This is just the video I was looking for. Not about "what to do" but "why to do it" ! Thanks for sharing

  12. This was brilliant! I would love more of this! It's amazing to see you two just sitting there discussing all of this! It's very personal and I really would love more of this type of thing where we hear input from both players and dissecting all the plans and strategies! So informative!!!! Thank you so much for this! Love you both!

  13. Superb and iam happy with yours explanation of opening…, way of speech….thanks…

  14. 3 times… I watched… And learned many things……. Thanks sir

  15. I have FINALLY found the legend himself, the main protagonist of GM Ben Finegold's lectures Roman Jinjikhashvili <3

  16. George W Bush Center for Intelligence says:

    I need that graphic "get king safe"

  17. nice way of explaining , very useful! Thank you!

  18. Very interesting explanations of chess basics! Great thanks you !

  19. I like this deep smart explanations by such a great master as Karpov !Thank you

  20. Great to see Karpov ! Have always enjoyed his games- often dull looking but elegant in the end.

  21. I crack up laughing every time Roman says "Punished." 😆

  22. Karpov is my favourite chess player. Top quality, no controversies, and a gentleman.

  23. Oh yeah Karpov knows little bit about openings and yet he is world champion

  24. My guess today "our guest today". Ah when you remember that you are interviewing a russian.

  25. What is name of software he using? It is so pretty.

  26. I really enjoyed this video. Although they are two super-strong players, they explain the reasons behind the moves in a way that even a beginner can understand and benefit from!

  27. Great teaching style 😃
    I am also a player 1650 fide rated and chess Coach of beginner players under 1400 rated player.
    It helps me to how to teach my students in proper way😇

  28. This is how I found out Karpov could speak English

  29. Terrible video. No wonder people say grandmasters shouldn't teach chess to beginners.

  30. Very nice mr.Karpov, very mild and nice, great champion.

  31. I just learned that The Russians cannot say RUI Lopez…lol

  32. Karpov is near in engine moves all greatest grandmaster

  33. Last day before this channel is deleted! Will miss that video.

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