Learn the Bird’s Opening!

Hello everyone! This is short explaining how to play the bird’s opening. If you want a full guide, check out the pinned comment.
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  1. I just imagine low rated players playing games with this opening and getting mated in 2 moves

  2. FroOoooOooOooOoOoOoOoOOmMMMmmmmMmmMMmMm

  3. A random dude: Watch this video and actually play f4.
    Me: e5.

  4. i prefer the london because it has the same premise but keeps the white bishop to attack the h7 square

  5. I already know this opening it’s very fun to play and play against

  6. move the queen in to the square defended by the knight?

  7. It's king's side attack is kinda similar to Dutch Stonewall's attack if I'm right

  8. It's funny it's like a Nimzo indian defense but for white, looks pretty cool

  9. for a really stupid looking move it's actually not bad

  10. moving Qg4 looks like a mistake since the knight can captured it

  11. This opening hasn't been played since Jesus was around…..

  12. That's actually pretty interesting, i never saw a guide to the birds opening, yet I've played just like that most of my games, which is nuts

  13. Froms gambit, i got mated once that way. Never again

  14. I have a 60% winrate with this opening. It's quite difficult if your opponent knows what to do but if they don't, creating an attack is quite easy.

  15. I just had this opening with my opponent. Sadly, they got crushed with a whopping 92% accuracy!! 🙂

  16. and i'm sure my opponent will play this exact set of moves.

  17. That pawn is what I 1st move when doing king's gambit, I just discovered that it's called bird's opening. Nice video. Very informative.

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