Learn the Caro-Kann Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. I keep watching this video again and again because I forgot the move

  2. This is like french defense users worst nightmare

  3. I haven't lost last 6 games with black. thanks

  4. Well after learning the London and winning with white and always losing with black here Iam lol.,, I seen levy got punched by a subscriber after pissing him off. He should be more careful if I punched him he would probably die

  5. what do you need to do if white plays kc3 on their 2nd move?

  6. I picked this because it sounds the coolest

  7. I need some help with the openings, mainly a black response to 1e4, Sicilian is just too sharp for me and the Ruy Lopez is just too tedious. I'm actually a decent middle game player but my openings and endgames are not on that same level. As a chess fan I was so happy when Magnus came along and basically said "Fuck Theory"

  8. Hi Levy your ten minute openings are brilliant. Could you do one on the Fred defence. I would appreciate your analysis.

  9. Watched your one Caro-Kann videos and I’m 1200 now I was 900

  10. So what's the move if they push the white pawn to d5 on their second move?

  11. Maybe it would've been a good idea to watch this rather than learning it by trial and error, still worth the 10 minutes it took to watch next to the 200 games of trial and error

  12. This is the most helpful. When I reached 1800 elo this is almost always what my opponent plays

  13. Been playing this for a while, 99% play the advance. I just want some practice against the exchange lol

  14. can you cover the pirc defence czech variation ?

  15. Can you please make a vid on the semi-slav

  16. After not playing chess for a year and forgetting this opening when playing with a friend, GothamChess is still the first place i go to for a good explanation :p

  17. I missed a lot with this defence but at the end I grasped and I won a lot recently

  18. Love watching your educational videos honestly, i come back once a while to refresh my memory

  19. Is this almost like the cicilan defense?

  20. I havent played since middle school, a good 12 years ago. No one to play with in person as i prefer. Your channel got me motivated to get back and been playing again online for a week straight every day and rewatching your old opening tutorials. Thank you! I didnt realize how much i missed chess.

  21. I just post memes in the comment section says:

    Just played my first game using the Caro Kann! It went great until I blundered my queen! I'll keep trying tho; I'm only 850 ish

  22. levy: beginners who are like at 1200s or 1400s….
    me at 500: soooo…am i an egg???

  23. Hey, it was a nice video. Hope your level will stay very high !

  24. Maybe now I can stand a chance against the elo 600 kids that take 3 mins to do simple pawn moves with 90+accuracy

  25. I notice top chess players seem to study what has been done in the past, know all the names of moves etc. I’m wondering what ELO someone could achieve with zero study but just constantly playing against higher ELO computer opponents. Would you reach an upper ceiling that would necessitate study?🤷🏻‍♂

  26. Good explaining tnx to that strat l won like 6 games in a row and got to understand some other good wariants to play

  27. What if white plays e6 in the advance variation? I feel fxe6 just opens up too much, but I think it's worse to push f6

  28. Mr. E.Snowden,
    Can you please cover the Sicillian Khan/O'Kelly Variation.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but they seem like brothers.
    Just kidding about called Eddie Snowden – It's actually a compliment to your cool look ; )

  29. what do you do against the von henrigg gambit? just respond with bishop e6?

  30. Why is the black king to the left of the queen and white king right of the queen?

  31. If i beat nelson as black, am i then 1300 elo ?

  32. Isn't this Basically the London for black? I mean You open different but you end up Almost the same.

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