Learn the Dutch Defense Setup | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the Dutch Setup in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. I'm only here because of red Dead Redemption 2, thanks.

  2. hey i was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to play the dutch against e4, because i really like this opening but i see e4 in like 80% of my games and my only backup is scandinavian and i dont like playing it anymore. if you know if theres a way to play the dutch against e4 please comment and let me know

  3. GothamChess: Do Vienna , Caro Kaan and Dutch
    Me: Plays
    Me Now: Bad Openings I will do the English , King's Indian Defense , Anti-London and Najdorf Sicilian

  4. Accidentally found the Dutch and it became one of my favorite black openings. But I go D6. Gotham thoughts on doing that for having the bishop cover f5 then putting the king Knight to F6, I have had some decent success with it but I'm at 700-800 ello

  5. Wow look at 2 year ago levy just as awesome as present day levy 👌👌

  6. Why there's no one answer his question about favourite fruit

  7. Is this a good opening to learn for a 1100 player?

  8. I'm missing the 3 mins to be a grandmaster for dutch

  9. But there are also videos on trap in dutch defence. After seeing that this looks too risky

  10. Favorite fruit is pineapple or strawberrys. Frozen blueberries are good too

  11. Known from the saying.. if somebody plays that, for g s sake don t stop em..

  12. What do you suggest when white plays bishop g5 as second move?

  13. Raspberries and pomegranates are my favorite fruits😋

  14. how if white start with e4 first, should black start with g6 and after that develop f5?

  15. Is there a Sri Lankan Opening or Defense ?

  16. What if they play bishop to b2 second move

  17. I think pears taste good, especially ones with brown spots. Also thanks for the free lesson.

  18. The book is written by Petr Marusenko and Vladimir (not Victor ) Malaniuk, Ukrainian gms

  19. Me myself as a Dutch guy, first time playing chess and I got the trophy: “You played Dutch defense”
    I guess it’s in our blood

  20. This is like the second chess video I ever watched. The first is what got me into chess. Was looking for the queen's gambit trailer and watched a queen's gambit opening vid. I didn't start playing the QG til later, but I played the Dutch as black. I got my butt kicked all the time. Coming back as a 1500 now to see if I'll be any better this time. I think I was 800 or less when I first started playing it

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