Learn the Dutch Defense Setup | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the Dutch Setup in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. I have liked a lot of the 10 minute openings but I learned far too few to play the Dutch in this video.

  2. "Ladies and gentleman welcome to another opening guide that you will never remember the lines of."

  3. Day 4 of going through this playlist, top to bottom, 1 a day current elo is 700 blitz, 810 rapid

  4. Why if White move d4, then black move f5, the answer e4 is dangerous move ( for black). I didn't understand..

  5. Bro really said Simon Williams classical Dutch is passive 🤡

  6. Favourite fruit? Mangoes from Tahiti.

    But in all seriousness, I'd say that rambutan are my favourite fruit.

  7. I thought the moves are in the description. Wtf??

  8. In your Dutch course, why did you almost skip the Leningrad, if it uses to be your favorite and you wanted to steer people into it?

    I'm taking the course and I remember this video here, so I'm really wondering whether to dive into the Leningrad or study the beginning of the course.

  9. I used to play this alot back in the day now I play more of the gambits queens kings and Vienna gambit

  10. Levy never fails to ask us what our favourite fruit is

  11. So basically the black version of birds opening

  12. The thing about me is that I know how to set everything up in the dutch, it’s just that once I do I have no idea what happens next.

  13. This 10 minute video is missing the final 3 minutes that would have made me a GM 😩

  14. Can you do a video about the danish gambit

  15. If you ain't playing Dutch, you ain't playing much

  16. Great series. The Dutch is a great surprise defense against the English. I love how you show the overlap of the various systems, being flexible. It’s all in knowing what to do in different pawn structures. Thank you! I remember you saying that the Hippopotamus system is more passive, but I’ve seen Robert Hess play it against other titled players. It looks tricky for White if they press too soon. It can frustrate opponents, it seems. Those Hippo knights are on strange squares, e7 and d7. I’d like to see the pawn play with that system if you think it might be a fun system, a surprise system to play. Again, great series from a GothamChess subscriber.

  17. "10-Minute Chess Openings". 7 minutes. Literally unwatchable.

  18. Don't forget to subscribe and then eat a kaki.

  19. Hey nice in every way. Wrap up with Nimzo Indian in 10 minutes . It's a must do, must do, must do.

  20. Hmmmmm. Opening with that ç4 pawn. I have been looking for that opening everywhere. This vid suits me. I Love berries.

  21. Great video but it seems, that you have confused to people. The person who wrote the Leningrad Dutch is called Vladimir Malaniuk and then there is Viktor Moskalenko who wrote the Diamond Dutch.

  22. Good video. Favourite fruit are pears.

  23. What length game should a beginner play to improve? I don't have patience for 15+ min but learn close to nothing from 1min games…

  24. Favorite fruit?… probably the one I’m eating at the time.

  25. My favorite fruit is the Lime. It just takes dishes and drinks to the next level.

  26. D4 f5?!

    I used to play 3. Nc3 or Bg5 like Aronian

  27. I like the Dutch oven, followed by the bong cloud

  28. There are only two openings I hate: openings that are intolerant of other openings, and the Dutch!

  29. I still have no idea how to play the dutch, though? This was 7 minutes of move ordering/how to get into specific variations.

  30. 10 chess opening! video: 7 minitues long

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