Learn the French Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the French Defense in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. This opening doesn't work against German players, can you suggest what to do against them gotham?

  2. Hey levy thank you for this I praticed this opening with the bots and now its helping me in my games its really useful opening

  3. The shorter the video the better. Punk rock

  4. I recommend to look at the chess games of Uhlmann, Akobian and Korchnoi among others.

  5. Is there French defense: 1940 variation? I heard that the Germans like to play against it

  6. 10 min video is very good short and nice

  7. I doubt that the French are good for a war simulation game

  8. I love playing the shleiffen attack against the French defense

  9. the 10 minute videos are great! and rock/hip hop are tied for my #1 favorite genre of music !

  10. nice video, though I would have liked some more,anywaygreat video

  11. These are some of my favorite videos, besides porn 🙂

  12. I've only managed to squeeze a 33% win rate out of the French so far. Of course, I suck at chess so that doesn't really mean much.

  13. how can you play bg4 and not just lose it to a pawn? or have to move it

  14. Prieres en langues africaines Et autres continents says:

    I think french défense is more ease to learn than the Caro kann ? What do you think about this question?

  15. 3:40 if you took the first pawn you're up 1 pawn if you take the other pawn you both lose the knights and are still up 1 pawn… is it really better?

  16. I really hate to play against the closed French. I used to play it and then nowadays to avoid that I usually go for the knight and it ends up in a trading of the pawns.

  17. I have much to study. There is even reading of the opponent. Seeing their moves and predicting what they may do. Even luring is a thing. But can be taken away if they see it as well. Defense, offense and more. There is much to learn in chess. I will be the newbie studying.

    Edit: There are the 50/50 moves. Where the setup is literally as said. Not all the time it will be the way people may want it. But can be great if it gets to that situation.

  18. The genre of music I like: Khayal (Hindustani classical, vocal)
    Thank you for the video.

  19. Just started chess a few days ago and damn it feels impossible how can I remember all these things and this is only 1 defense lol rip my brain

  20. Every time i play french all my pieces run from the field what the hell nah 😔

  21. Back to chess after many years not playing since I taught my son who now hovers between a rapid elo 2200 and 2300 and has developed watching your channel and through other self study games. Trying to master the French and this is my go to for a quick reminder of the lines. When I have some more time and hopefully in better health I will strongly consider one of your paid courses. Thank you for your channel content its great!

  22. I played the French defense but after 1 move my king surrendered and the enemy pieces occupied my side of the board 😢.

  23. thank you for the video Levy, I learned alot and I loved it very much!!!!!

  24. What about e4 e6 c4 on the second move?I cant play d5 now

  25. I have so much trouble with all the variations… are there games that are recommended to study this opening? I find myself so overwhelmed by all the possible moves

  26. I've tried the French defence.
    How do you stop white from Checking with the white square bishop on his third move?
    (I use one of those annoying chess algorithms that never varies it's moves. Good for practice, but bad, if you're trying something specific)

  27. after watching this vid, i was motivated to play chess. ended up getting checkmated twice before winning by a guy basically moving his pieces like his magnus carlsen praying he did the right move and resigning

  28. Oof, only if u had made the video 21 seconds longer, I would have become an expert

  29. the french defence is also sometimes referred to as "resigning"

  30. U talk fast . Be specific instead of rapid talk u get nothing usefull of

  31. "Might confuse your opponents"
    Bro It will confuse Me

  32. Thank you Levy, for helping me think in chess better. Seeing forks and pins has increased my capture rate. I’m subbing on twitch soon

  33. Anyone else losing braincell trying to keep up after knight-f5 mannuevure 😁

  34. Classic Levi – still good after all these years yo

  35. really missing out with them missing 22 seconds

  36. Flamenco guitar.
    French is my go to defense. Love it! Mostly I play the main line. So strong on the dark diagonals.

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