Learn the London System | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the London System in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. Sir , how can I play london system ,when my kingdom is black ?

  2. Just won my first game using London system. Pyramid was intact until the end. Their kingside was easily destroyed.

  3. Started playing London system after watching your videos. Bloomington IL USA

  4. Wait In the how to crush with the London opening it says memorize c5 c3 now we do something with the knight ugh now I have to figure out Whitch one is better chess in a nutshell

  5. I’m watching from Dhaka, Bangladesh

  6. I came to this opening by trying to play the stonewall with white. I found, with the free move, I could get the dark bishop out before having to set up the stone wall. And if he sets up the dark bishop trade and doesnt take, slide back and move c3 into place

  7. love this video! ive watched it a bunch! im watching from Augusta Georgia

  8. Watching from Kuwait here. Thanks for the education. Great stuff 🎉

  9. Watching your video from my coaching institute, Rajasthan, india

  10. It's videos like this that convienced me to subscribe. I have been working on the London System for a little while now and, you filled in some gaps. Thank you.

  11. Watching from appartment in Ranchi jharkhand india

  12. I’m sooo bad at chess but I wish I was better oof

  13. Watching from Las Vegas NV. Thanks for the tips!! 🥑

  14. Thank you for the instructions and I live in Tehran, Iran.

  15. anyone else watch the queens gambit and as a result are kinda obsessed with chess now?

  16. I think I'm gonna need to watch this vid so many times. There is just so much info about just 1 opening.

  17. Hey there, I really like your explaining style. Keep up the good work! Watching from Phoenix, AZ

  18. This is the proof I watch the video until the end
    👉I m from Brussels Belgium👈

  19. Thanks, Levy. Great tutorial. Watching from… London, UK!

  20. For the longest time I thought that the london was with white squared bishops, thanks Levy!

  21. Butte Montana. And I am increasingly loving the London system.

  22. funny you ask, Im in Chiang Mai Thailand but I’m from the Vancouver area

  23. listen fuck Gotham I always lose after watching his tutorials,u have to watch 100x to get him

  24. The question is a bomb threat. Don’t answer

  25. I am around 900 elo now. Is it too early to learn one opening or it is okay?

  26. I am watching an hour before the 9th round of my tournament

  27. all of these guys play it out like it actually goes down taht way, i always get hit with the black queen attacking queen side my b2 pawn and or an instant attack from pawns on blacks right.

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