Learn the Stonewall Defense & Attack | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. I played chess in high school and college for a short time. After learning the Stonewall, I played it 15 games in one semester. I won 12.

  2. Someone answer what if they play Bf5 before we move the Bishop

  3. Im not a smoothie guy but thanks for the vid, you are great to watch at 1.5x speed.

  4. I saw the London System and it's almost similar except the Bc1

  5. God like video, this is why u are the biggest chess youtuber

  6. how do I turn the board around so can warch the games looking from black's side

  7. I plugged the stone wall (1:50) into lishogi's analysis board and it says there is no hope of winning.

  8. The first beginning moves for white look like a London system, it's kind of similar

  9. 2:47 DO NOT MOVE THE QUEEN THERE! They can fork your King and Rock by taking Nxc2.

    Unless there is a way of punishing the enemy for taking the Rock I wouldn't place my Queen to protect that Bishop.

  10. We should have chess days in schools where the kids play chess for a couple hours per week, helps greatly with logic and composure, but also self-accountability, something that we unfortunately lack in today's society.

  11. Avocado and Banana Smoothie Maybe Some Peanut Buttah

  12. I like the way you teach. You're a jolly man and your teaching language makes your video very interesting

  13. What happens if they play bishop to G4 after you move your bishop to D3. To attack your queen.

  14. OK im kinda late here but can someone explain me wha should I do when black plays C5 and i play C3 and then he goes C4? Other players get me with this all the time.

  15. Just played this against an opponent and they castle queen side. Fuck.

  16. You are the best teacher, i rewatch your videos repeatedly to absorb it and use it on my next games. My favorite smoothie is a bunch of berries and bananas and some sugar and milk lol, or milkshake would be banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, milk, and sugar.. pure heaven. Before i even ask what video you can do, imma watch the rest of your videos so i dont ask for a repeat lol, and ill have a better answer. Thank you for the videos and how passionate you are and really explain it from your level so simply that beginners can understand. Albert Einstein said if you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it enough. I've watched dozens of your videos and each one you you do that and you walk us thru and show us different situations and opens our minds to thinking way ahead and more critically, you go above and beyond. I love this game even more after watching your videos. Seeing how fun chess can be, the tactics, making them move where u want them to like a sheep dog to sheep, beginning to predict enemies moves (one of the times i got high and played chess, i predicted this person's moves literally like 10 times in a row… i was like 😳🕷🧍‍♂️🕸🤟🤣), and the mental battle between the two opponents is like a dance, so graceful, it's beautiful 🥲💚

  17. Can somebody explain me from 7:21 how is the game over?
    If we take the pawn gaurding the king by bishop or rook , there is a knight gaurding it ..
    Can anyone help me?

  18. Damn I'm 500 ELO and I've tried this 3 or 4 times now and my opponent did something completely different and then I messed up

  19. I never knew that I needed to know chess theory until now

  20. There are some things strange in chess like I don't understand like the arabian mate and the Dutch stone wall and the French advanced what is this even

  21. Awesome series. Great content. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. You make a fine teacher.

  22. “and i know this blocks in your bishop, but bear with me for a second”
    the lines ive heard 3108 times

  23. Question: If we know we want to play the Stonewall setup for Black — against 1. d4 — does it matter if we play 1 … d5 or 1 … f5 ? … What's the difference ?

  24. Tbh me personally I’m more of a strawberry banana smoothie kinda guy

  25. I lost 6 matches in a row and youtube recommended me this on a bunch of different home pages. I think it's trying to help me

  26. Isn't this like the London? Can you move one or two pieces incorrectly and it will still be the opening?

  27. I am 12 year kid and your subscriber like your games and your teaching I predict that one day you will be a GrandMaster

  28. Its very good untill the opponent decides to do queenside castle.

  29. Strawberry-banana, can't go wrong with a classic

  30. I like mango smoothies.

    Also thank you for the stonewall defense tutorial, it's helpful

  31. Thank you for teaching me the Stonewall defense. Appreciate the work you do. My fav smoothie is Vanilla what about yours ?

  32. Stonewall stuff: 1. Any move that prepares for e5 we put the pawn to defend
    2. C5 – C3
    3. IF number 1. Doesnt happen simply develop knights first then push the pawn.

  33. I have autism and when I was like 4 I was cleaning out adults who were trying. I stopped playing for at least 12 years basically all through school

    I resumed playing casually and was discouraged because I feel like I’m honestly worse than when I was a child. I came to the realization you just can’t get past a certain level by trial and error

    I am a Bobby Fischer guy I appreciate tactics and I was never the biggest fan of game theory.

    However at 1500 I feel it’s probably pivotal now that I implement them. I looked at a lot of different videos and you explain it in the best way for me to be able to retain. Good content.

  34. I dare to do Stonewall against Jimmy cause Jimmy’s reactions to this opening are f- stupid

  35. My personal repertoire(all taught by levi)
    white: english, stonewall, london, fried liver, danish gambit (rarely)
    black: dutch, traxler (when faced with fried liver), french

  36. I like it but it is kind of a disaster if they queenside castle

  37. Okay so this is just a london but your bishop is stuck

  38. I’m gonna use this😎 and my fav smoothie is mango pineapple

  39. I have played it and getting great wins give it a go great openning

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