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  1. Time stampsThanks for the stream! It takes tons and tons of practice to start consistently seeing good moves and patterns in chess, so the only way to get chess vision is to grind practicing chess unfortunately. Best of luck on your continued chess journey! Time stamps below. Please allow 10-20 seconds on either side of them for context.
    Time stamps with the 🌙 emoji by them are some moments I personally think could be clipable if you're looking for some.Pre-zatsu08:13 She's here
    09:24 No mating in this stream, it's opening time
    09:39 She's eating oats
    10:17 She got no berries in her oats this time
    12:06 The sweets wouldn't have enough fuel for her brain cell
    13:05 We're not quite at 20k subs yet
    13:42 She closed her window since the roadwork was even louder today
    14:15 Reading off the openings in the course she was looking at
    15:02 How do they determine the names of these openings?
    15:18 Scientists could originally name genes whatever they wanted, but they stopped that (🌙)
    16:01 Thinks you can still name species if you find it
    17:13 It would have been cool to discover a stick insect for the first time
    18:30 Can confirm, stick bugs looks like sticks irl
    18:46 People don't realize how many animals are like pokemon
    19:22 She looks at her dog sometimes and thinks she doesn't look real
    19:36 She found a can of pineapple and passion fruit at the back of her fridge
    21:02 It tastes meh, but it's cold
    21:17 She made the requests for all the Skeb commissions that were requested on Throne yesterday
    22:29 She got the kuru kuru Eli gif
    24:06 Adding the starling back
    24:35 She's a complete beginner to chess openingsLearning the London System25:05 The London System
    25:33 It says people hate this opening
    25:46 London always has red lines on it for bad traffic
    26:46 What does poison in the opening mean?
    27:22 London has buses, so we should bring the bus to the front
    28:17 How many bishops are wondering around London?
    29:02 Why would you do the same thing every game? Oh wait, she does that
    30:26 It says "Hi goose honk honk" in the Lichess chat
    32:10 Which side is castle long?
    32:58 You wot mate
    33:11 We're making a pyramid, but they didn't steal the pyramids for London (🌙)
    34:30 What is developing again?
    36:03 These secret codes hurt her
    37:04 She doesn't even see a knight, it's literally just a horse
    37:32 She thought they'd stick a person on it if it's a knight
    37:55 This feels like minesweeper now38:16 RIP horse-chan
    39:00 The arrow was a lie, but it wasn't
    40:05 The octopus says it's too early
    40:18 Bishops and pyramids is the London system
    40:32 Seeing if she can remember the opening
    42:51 Her brain hurty
    43:43 So many arrows, itai
    45:40 It seems like a good stronghold, she can see the benefits of it
    46:35 Should we practice the London system?Playing a bot game to practice the London System47:09 Starting a game against a bot to practice the London system
    47:21 Chess is like Yu-gi-oh
    48:14 And for my next trick, I'll summon horsy-chan
    48:49 If she gets enough pieces, she can summon Exodia
    49:31 Pyramid scheme activate
    49:58 Skeb shows the average completion date for artists
    51:41 Knight's up the bishop's butt
    52:27 It looks like real London
    52:59 Time to go on a murder spree
    54:41 She should castle
    55:45 I guess we try to develop our side prawns
    56:27 It's like the bodyguard stepping up and being like "Yo, you starting?"
    57:45 How could you?
    58:50 Misclicked
    59:14 Bring it back? But that's retreating
    1:00:46 Might be a bad move. It's a bad move.
    1:02:07 They want to trade, but I don't want to trade
    1:03:07 Rook-chan's revenge
    1:03:49 Hehehehe
    1:04:41 Horsy's revenge
    1:05:40 Adding a pin about explaining your reasoning
    1:07:35 Explaining her original plan
    1:08:02 She doesn't want to go back in time too much
    1:09:12 She's a beginner and will make mistakes
    1:09:46 Maybe she shouldn't be trying to do chess first thing in the morning
    1:10:39 One way we can do the stream is watch her mess up the board and figure out how to fix it
    1:13:16 They're really protective of this prawn
    1:14:18 Poor rook-chan
    1:15:21 Trades the rook for a bishop
    1:16:05 Horsy-chan lived
    1:17:49 We got another bishop issue
    1:19:02 Checks their king
    1:20:13 Her pieces get skewered by the rook
    1:21:09 Goes back in time and castles
    1:23:34 Which prawn should we work on promoting?
    1:26:08 Trades knight for a rook
    1:27:24 Trades bishop for the other rook
    1:27:52 Not many pieces left
    1:28:57 Promotes a prawn to a queen1:29:37 How does she mate?
    1:30:11 She struggles with this part since she doesn't want to stalemate
    1:30:59 Checkmate, Eli wins
    1:31:16 Pretty certain she borked the opening thoughDeciding on which opening to study next1:31:41 Which opening should she learn next? Starting a poll for it
    1:32:40 It's weird that the opening only work on one side
    1:32:47 No defense, she only attacks
    1:33:22 We're playing TFT on Saturday which is auto chess
    1:34:28 She's going to go right into ranked for TFT with no knowledge
    1:35:01 There's usually themes for TFT sets
    1:36:12 Guessing there's a name for all openings
    1:36:53 Italian Game wins the pollLearning the Italian Game1:37:08 The Italian Game
    1:38:03 Do you prefer e4 or d4 openings?
    1:38:53 She's not seeing how this is Italian yet
    1:39:25 What are we cooking?
    1:39:45 The octopus said there's lots of theory, but he's not sharing it
    1:40:31 This doesn't give me any Italian vibes
    1:41:35 The bishop shall tame thee
    1:42:00 Everything is a JoJo reference
    1:42:32 We can try a game with this opener with a higher level botPlaying a bot game to practice the Italian Game1:42:55 Starting a game as white against a level 5 bot to practice the opening
    1:43:18 She never got to eat Italian food growing up
    1:44:24 Resets since the bot didn't start with e5
    1:44:41 Lasagna is one of her favorite foods
    1:45:33 Follow the script bot
    1:46:23 She needs the sauce
    1:46:38 Now we have to play the game
    1:46:51 They never offered Italian as a language to learn at her schools
    1:47:30 Not sure if her brain is ready for this
    1:48:00 She's not going to think too hard about it and see how things go
    1:49:27 Gets forked by the knight, but time travels to avoid it
    1:50:27 She is British unfortunately
    1:51:22 We have a different timeline now
    1:52:31 Feels like she's playing their game
    1:52:55 Her head hurts
    1:53:29 Gets a free knight
    1:54:34 Queen is under attack by the horse
    1:55:55 Queen is under attack again
    1:56:53 This is bait
    1:57:17 She's broken
    1:57:33 What if there's a mutiny?
    1:57:58 She had a horrible scary dream where she had to clean sewers1:59:34 Gets forked by the knight
    2:00:07 Time travels but gets forked again
    2:00:22 She's speed running chess the wrong way (🌙)Wrapping up2:01:03 Can you tell that she's sleepy?
    2:01:39 We could make this a sleep stream
    2:02:17 Why is chess so hard?
    2:02:39 Next time, she'll put chess a few hours later
    2:03:20 People she knows that play chess are just always playing it on their phone
    2:04:08 She doesn't know how people get chess vision
    2:05:24 She likes the puzzles, those are fun
    2:05:41 She's stopped scrolling so much through things this month
    2:06:20 Anybody want to nap with her?
    2:06:38 Now we learn the oyasumi opener (🌙)
    2:08:10 What if you show up to a game but your eyes are closed?
    2:08:26 She needs to nap
    2:08:42 One game of chess seems to have bedunked her brain
    2:09:03 It's been a while since she's posted content, but she's cooking something awesome
    2:09:39 Maybe she can dream of chess or us
    2:09:46 We're making a movie tomorrow morning
    2:10:56 Thanks for spending the morning with her
    2:11:25 See you zoom
    2:11:44 Daisuki dayo, see you later
    2:11:57 You want thigh? You can have thigh

  2. End of the first game was like …. did you win that really,here's your sauce!

  3. Thank you for the stream, I'll catch the vod in a bit, take care of yourself, get plenty of sleep and eat healthy and hydrated. Thanks for all that you do for us.

  4. Thanks for the stream Eli!! It’s always fun to watch you slowly lose your mind playing this game but you really are improving a lot!! Have a good nap!!

  5. Thanks for the stream Elia! seems like you're having a lot of fun although yeah it has a way of making me eepy as well!

  6. Your community post's have somehow replaced every other channel…I might genuinely watch streams now because of it

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