Levy turned to monke after beating a gm !!

video source :
Levy Rozman

levys chanel :


  1. Yes . He can win ..if opponent blunders

  2. Levy takes inspiration from everyone he gives lessons to. Nowadays when he is cocky he does a British accent like Frank, when he is winning he turns to CdawgVA aka Monke.😂😂

  3. Bro did throat singing after beating a Mongolian gm

  4. levy is the type of guy to throw his pc out of the window after blundering a pawn although hes up a queen and then simp on magnus like everyone does on pokemane and analyse his games and than still play bad

  5. Why levy started making deep throat noises after beating him

  6. So that means he becomes a gm now because he beat one right?

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