London System Chess opening trap #shorts


  1. I'm 1000 elo and never seen the London before, looks like a backwards Italian, I hate it😆also curious abt it.

    Never been a fan of queenside pawn openings bc king exposure on the diagonal

  2. Me: does half of the strategy
    Also me: wait what was I supposed to do again?

  3. Hi. I can defense ( pionek. Change to english ) on C5 queen?

  4. It's weird when he says these gambits or plans but THERE'S NO SONG?

  5. When the A Room comes into play at the end, what moves does the black pieces play so I can practice the end better and more naturally?

  6. Классическая жертва слона кстати

  7. Most boring part of chess to me is the start where youll just play defense like that front pawn the VIP like I'm here for action

  8. After 4th move
    Fk I forgot
    What to move now?
    I hate chess. 6_-

  9. Me after watching this: let’s go kiss the game cause the opennent blunderd

  10. London system? The queen is still alive… Inform me.

  11. I have a higher chance of winning the lottery without buying a ticket than this ever happenig

  12. Nice trap but would never actually happen in a real game

  13. Instead of queen to C4 black could just play E7 to and when the knight arrives black would play G6 kicking out the queen and opening up the queen to see the squaree that the knight and queen were previously targeting.

  14. If only it were this simple. What does one do if one's opponent makes good moves instead?

  15. Another trap where an 800 rated like me would never remember

  16. "Chess moves to do in a single player chess game to win because if your playing against anyone ever this will not work"

  17. I actually use that opening and its so powerful

  18. that's cool and ask but I've never played a game that goes exactly how you say in these videos. they always play different moves

  19. After Nd5 i usually just play F4 but I’ve had this exact position for white countless of times

  20. I never play London, I always go Dutch defense

  21. Me who watches top chess
    It's the Piramid opening

  22. Gata Kamsky (2700) vs. Sam Shankland (2600)

  23. i played this initially online but was failed because my white bishop was threatened by the black's bishop and there was no one except the queen to protect it

  24. Technically Bf4 first, the accelerated London system, is better and faster

  25. You MUST be informed with knowledge on the topic of chess openings. (YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS)

  26. Is that even the way to correctly do the London?

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