London System: One Opening against anything

The London System is a great chess opening for beginner to intermediate chessplayers who want to improve their rating / elo. It reliably leaves you with a solid position for the middle game, so you can focus your time on that part. Subscribe if you want to see more videos 🙂


  1. I clicked on the video faster than i blunder my queen

  2. Before you get offended, please actually read the whole thing. The London is about “giving away your dominance” like where is the break through for the attack????

    I will use an analogy, you could have a machine gun with lots of ammo, but if the gun is blocked, and the bullets won’t come out. Then no matter how strong it is, it’s USELESS

    Okay okay, I get that you do have some sort of dominance in the london “because later, you can make an attack” or “later when your opponent gets aggressive you can use his momentum against him” but there is an issue, why attack later?? There is no advantage to it, why save your restaurant meal if you have get the meal everyday? It will just get cold later. JUST LIKE HOW IF YOU DOTN TAKE ADVANTAGE EARLY, YOUR CHANCES DROP UNLESS YOUR OPPONENT IS DUMB. If you use the London system except the pawn is not on c3 but c4, WHERE IT ACTUALLY ATTACKS SOMETHING, your position is still ROCK SOLID, your pieces are still ACTIVELY PLACED annnnd you have a machine gun that actually WORKS UNLIKE THE LONDON, WHICH IS A BLOCKED GUN. The London is solid and active but it makes no sense to hand over the “action” to the opponent. If you can’t deal with it fine, learn. It’s not hard and it’s the point of chess. Giving away your own opportunity just gives your opponent chances, and why leave things up to them when you can take charge? Why let the weather decide if you can go out today or not, YOU HAVE TO TAKE CHARGE IN LIFE AND CHESS, JUST BECAUSE ITS RAINING DOESNT MEAN YOU CANT GO OUT TO GET ICE CREAM, GO GRAB AN UMBRELLA, WHY LET EXTERNAL SOURCES DETERMINE YOU WHEN YOU CAN DETERMINE IT YOURSELF? FINE, YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT BEST, SO LEARN AT LEAST. THERE IS NO ADVANATAGE TO NOT ADDING ONE EXTRA IDEA TO THE LONDON. C4, INSTEAD OF C3, TAKE HOLD OF YOUR LONDON, DONT MAKE YOUR MACHINE GUN OBSOLTE. OPEN THE GUN SO THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY FIRE

  3. I played the London multiple times, I only lost once or twice, and one of those was cus I blundered mate

  4. what happens if they dont castle or that pawn on c on black sides take your pawn (whichj is at the top of the pyramic) idk how to defend against that

  5. What if an idiot does not casttle

  6. just immediately after watching this video i crushed 2 players with the london system, kudos man your content is very helpful

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