Magnus Carlsen ILLEGAL MOVE

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  1. Magnus's move wasnt illegal he simply got outta check what was he supposed to do take the king

  2. The opponent really was the wrong one and now, no one will want to play with him

  3. i think both of them should go to jail because they both made an illegal move

  4. Are you kidding me? What a fucking loser. He made an illegal move, and then called on the ref when his opponent made the same illegal move. Magnus could have easily called him out but decided to keep playing the game, and this whiny little loser just tried to slip by an easy victory

  5. I might be dumb here but what made the second move illegal?

  6. Bro literally went I’m about to end this mans whole career

  7. People probably allready said it somewhere, but I have better things to do like playing a chess game, then scroll down to read and check if someone typed it allready. The answer is fairly simple, illegal move, is illegal for a reason = Illegal* Hence the crime of this action, should be repended by: 1# Forcing a fork in real life where both of them meet and chess board is positioned back to 1 move prior to "the first" illegal move = The timers are set back to the exact amount and give Magnus's opponent a chance to respond with same timers set on both side as it was if they can check it. Or 2, you penalize the dude who made the illegal move in the first place, when your up against the clock, people get chess blind from tension, so penalizing the last illegal move is wierd way to go about it. Instead you penalize the first, it seems the dude who lost did it on purpose so it seems fair

  8. This moment is a “modern problems require modern solutions”

  9. The first person to break the rule is obviously the person at fault???

  10. I understand when in Ping Pong if you hit the ball when it didn't touch the table (opponent's mistake) it will return to the game.
    So here is similar situation and Magnus just gave another chance to escape checkmate. But in any case he did nothing wrong since game already over

  11. Magnus didn't make an illegal move, but some people say if you make any moves after an illegal move by the opponent, that's illegal too.

    Which is really stupid by the way.

  12. The first guy sacrificed his king. When it was magnus' turn he automatically won. The turn he made after that didn't count since the game ended

  13. he was on a time crunch i don't blame him

  14. That's why i wonder, why you are not saying Check when you actually checked your opponent.

  15. Magnus is an asshole. He’s an arrogant smug narcissist.

  16. Magnus try not embrassed his opponent but the opponent choose other way bruh

  17. Magnus win like
    Magnus losed comment

  18. The senior referee was right and Magnus won no doubt. The game was technically over the moment Magnus's opponent played the illegal move. Any move after that is not a part of the game.

  19. Right response should have been rook takes king

  20. No logic whatsoever magnus should have won in every scenario

  21. Give both 2 minutes and go back to the first check

  22. magnus did the second illegal mıve cuz he had a low timer

  23. No duh… Magnus wins… What kind of question is this?

  24. They should just go back to the position before the illegal move, adjust the clocks and continue the game

  25. magnus won🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  26. This is stupid..
    When the first illegal move happens, the game should technically end right there and succeeding moves shouldnt matter.
    If thats not the ruling then its a dumb ruling for such a simplistic circumstance

  27. Since both of them made an illegal move, the game should be forfeited and both of them disqualified from competition.

  28. Question: Say you give your Opponent a check with the rook. The block with the bishop. Now they block the check but you got a check. Now if the Bishop is pinned how does it give check?

  29. A player knowingly making an illegal move and complaining about illegal moves of their opponent to win the game should be disqualified for three upcoming tournaments.

  30. Can I get pinned for absolutely no reason lol

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