Magnus Carlsen’s favorite Opening: Ruy Lopez

The Ruy Lopez is a chess opening that’s played by Magnus Carlsen, Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. It’s one of the strongest chess openings and it will help you win more games of chess. Subscribe if you want more chess content.

The Photo of Magnus Carlsen (in the thumbnail of this video) by Andreas Kontokanis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0).
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  1. Im too much of a caveman for this i still dont get it

  2. Just got 99.8 accuracy because my opponent played exactly like black at 6:37 . Thank you!

  3. Its not only informative, its entertaining to watch 😂

  4. Damn chess you should be a comedian 😂😂

  5. wow. this guy is just >>>>>>>> than the other chess teachers

  6. you ars now the first ever chess channel i subbed to

  7. Leave this thing aside
    But I was called stupid just randomly between the video

  8. I’ve been practicing everyday for about two months went from 900 to 1700

  9. why is the black night going back. black could just put a pawn forwards. losing a tower against a knight is stupid. the whole strategy makes no sense

  10. but I thought magnus's favorite opening was the "Honey, I don't like this side of the bed, let's switch sides" opening

  11. This is also my most favorite opening its only competition is sicillian defense

  12. I'm glad that I found this channel…… Feels like someone made history interesting by narrating Hitler……. I think it's easier lets have a kill streak that weak won't survive 😂😂

  13. Black instead of c6 knight guarding. Playef f6 pawn guards pawn which you didnt cover. I lost horribly and had to resign 😭 oh god levyyyyyy coming back to you 😢

  14. Your videos are fun to watch! Entertaining and educative.

  15. Fuck, i feel like my IQ went up like 100 points after seeing this video.

  16. Holy Quack this is legitimately as intense as Sukuna vs Gojo

  17. The music: ✅
    The explanations: ✅
    The conniving: ✅

  18. You show the hardest variations easily…..I used it in tournament and I got 2nd prize

  19. Hey man, what voice generator / tts do you use?

  20. Man I'm so happy I found your channel, I'll get to show off when you cross a million subs 🤓

  21. Only if math were this entertaining and easy to learn

  22. Lol. I sacrificed the knight always and didn’t give a damn about the pawn. Whooops. This stuff makes sense. Beautiful. Thank you!

  23. Im mix of black and white in example 2 😂😂

  24. the greatest style of chess teaching. thank you

  25. Really love your sound effects…I wish Gotham chess do like this

  26. Can we have more middle game concepts? I love your channel and I am pretty good at the beginning then I feel like I’m guessing. Also the end game 😭

  27. What if they send the queen's pawn to d5 in the beginning after you establish your knight and pawn

  28. This is too much torture for my little brain 🧠😭😭

  29. I have been playing this without knowing it’s the Ruy Lopez. After I found out, I thought why not learn how to actually play it. So I watched some guides and didn’t understand anything besides memorizing a couple moves. For those who haven’t watched other guides: This guide is so easy, it’s insane.

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