MAGNUS shows how to play the RUY LOPEZ opening

In this instructional banter blitz, Magnus Carlsen the World Chess Champion plays the Ruy Lopez, one of the most popular opening as white showing how to play the position.

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  1. Oh. So he didn’t see Nc4 which you blocked with b3. Then why did he go there? It’s obviously hanging the knight on a5. Brutal checkmate. Hard to watch.

  2. what online chess site is this ? looking for the pgn

  3. Wow, that end was like a Mortal Kombat Fatality….

  4. "i think my opponent's play was reasonable there". Which is another way of saying, "to me you play like your rating is 800 but you're on the right path"

  5. If magnus says you’re reasonable then you’re damn good at chess

  6. Magnus has his hair lookin like Eddie Munster.

  7. Great video, loved the commentary from Magnus too.

  8. You definitely should’ve left a link to the original Magnes video of you’re just going to blatantly take a clip from the vid and add nothing original.

  9. Funny to watch someone who would crush me (1650 elo) being taken apart.

  10. hahahaha nice win. it's nice to see Magnus has a human brain with human instincts, like when he keeps saying 'i think' instead of I know. keep it up Magnus, you're #1 for many years running now..

  11. yeah…Magnus' opponent did well… and definitely knew the Ruy Lopez main lines…Magnus loves to keep it complicated because of these beautiful tactics that he is able to see…

  12. Q D2…develop…bullshit. he's x-raying that knight but can't explain it on Livestream

  13. id never have seen that check mate at the end, because my eyes would light up seeing the queen capture possible

  14. Lol 😂 Imagine you’re the opponent on other part of the world sweating like while he’s just doing commentary simultaneously like a live demo hahaha

  15. Крутий пацан.

  16. Imagine the heart attack when you realise who's on the other side of the board! 3000+ rating, name of Mag-something…

  17. WHAT!??? he just won the game. that was crazy

  18. Even if I lost against Magnus, I would've still felt good knowing that I even got a chance to play one of the best players in the chess world. His opponent played even though he lost.

  19. I have a 136 IQ but watching chess hurts my brain, i suck at it lol.

  20. I love your chess Mr. Greatest Of All Time ^_^

  21. Me, who started playing chess only a couple of weeks ago: "Man, the ruy lopez opening sounds pretty cool, I wonder if I'll learn it some day"

    Me, after watching 10 seconds of this video: "Oh, so this is what the ruy lopez opening looks like. I guess I played this opening in about half of my games without even realizing it"

  22. if you have a rating of 2000 its safe to say that youve mastered the game in a sense that its what normal people can go as far in playing the game. really if you go beyond that then your already in the realms of genius or have nothing else to do but study chess, or idk its just how i view it, my opinion in short, how bout u guys?

  23. Nd5 was more lucky than good!! hahahahah lol!!! indeed it seems so

  24. I would like to play with mr magnus …. Even a loss will be legendary and lots to learn ..

    I am confused as to why the pawn behind the knight was not taken

  25. Beginner here what happens if we take the knight with bishop is the start and take their e5 pawn with our knight

  26. Y not going queen f7 and after he have to move king, taking his queen with possibility to attack tower?

  27. Why didn't the oponent simply bring B7 pawn out to B5 when Magnus brought his bishop out?

  28. Out of curiosity how do people feel about bishop takes f3 at 4:15, followed by pawn take e5? I think this just gives black a better position on the board. Thoughts?

  29. Newbie here, can someone explain why black doesn't take E4 with knight at 0:48 ??

  30. Looks so simple when he plays then i go into a rapid game with 1600 rating thinking that its time to play the best game of my damm life and i hang my queen on move 10

  31. Why did he not take the white pawn on e4 with his knight?

  32. How to make chess video?

  33. Magnus makes it look so simple defeating 1900 players.

  34. you know you are gonna win after learning from magnus…

  35. I imagine the player, thinking wow, I got Magnus Carlsen thinking for over a minute. I must be winning.

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