MAGNUS shows how to play the RUY LOPEZ opening

In this instructional banter blitz, Magnus Carlsen the World Chess Champion plays the Ruy Lopez, one of the most popular opening as white showing how to play the position.

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  1. I enjoyed analyzing this duel. It was so exciting and with brilliant moves.

  2. Imagine if we had magnus churning out the same kind of educational content as daniel naroditsky. We don't and therefore Naroditsky remains the greatest chess teacher on the internet maybe besides hikaru, but dan is a much better instructor

  3. I prefer the Jennifer Lopez opening, but to each their own

  4. I dont play chess but a chess god like Magnus doing these kinda videos must be great for chess players to watch.

  5. Playing Magnus is like walking a tightrope… everything seems ok but soon as you start to lose balance the fall comes very quickly

  6. I don't really know what is interesting about watching Magnus play a 1900, that plays poorly.

  7. Magnus could just kept taking pieces but he was merciful and killed his opponent quickly.

  8. Woaawwwwww 🤩 Thanks GM champion of thé World

  9. watching Magnus flip the switch at the end from playing strategically for the endgame advantage to mating within a few moves — absolute killer instinct. I'm by no means a good chess player, but even still my brain struggles to hold the ability to calculate multiple win conditions like that at the same time. we are so lucky to live at a time where all time greats can play and provide commentary in real time for the whole world to see.

  10. considering that 1900 player would demolish me even faster than magnus did this guy, its impressive to watch.

  11. Magnus is imagine player wow.Oh my got perfect.

  12. Mangus…Well i have other options….😂😂is so great….

  13. I am so thankful to hear the GOAT of chess.

  14. Can decid which Era of chess to play. Look at the eye movement he's a champion so he can Visually be focused before any chess game 🤔

  15. He can also choose what you .ight play based on where you are from and other analogies

  16. 0:54,why doesn't black play pB5 and threaten the white Bishop? I'm a beginner please help

  17. if you cant play fair dont play at all..this is not screw your buddy..

  18. thank you magnus, now i know how to play

    the ruy lopez💀

    and dont have to study

    15+ moves of theory💀💀

    no more, plus now i can

    draw all of my fucking shit🗿🗿🗿

  19. Концовка красивая

  20. It is a great honor to play against maybe the best all of times.

  21. Just dismantled this opponent who was no pushover

  22. Carlsen always makes it look way too easy..
    I just imagine him being this professor of a certain subject, explaining all the intricacies of the topic in a very comprehensive way that will be understable to anyone who has surface knowledge about the subject.

  23. Congratulations World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen.

  24. Do a video using nimzo-larsen please?

  25. 3:31 i dont get it. what is e5 d5 Bf3? i dont see it. am i misunderstanding?

  26. My boy must have thought. I ahead in time. I have this one 🤣

  27. i learned nothing besides that you need a lot of experience to foresee the appropriate move.

  28. MAgnus didn't notice he was blunder if the opponent see these…Bxf3, gxf3-exd5, Rxd5-Rxd5.

  29. why shouldn't black knight take e4 in move 5?

  30. He looks like a 63 years old man in the thumbnail

  31. How does he do this seriously I tried very hard and still I can’t even scratch

  32. Not me saying "nice, he can get his queen with that discovered check now" only for it to be checkmate next move.

  33. Just hit 550 elo, my opponents won’t be ready for this one😂😭

  34. I need to learn this chess jargin😂. Its too fast

  35. He's too fast calling the tactics, we aren't that guy buddy, slow it down for us morons

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