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  1. Danja spasibo again for your good job! please, could you remember if you had done any similiar analysis like this one at 14:35 ? its really helping to understand the main principles of openings and it would be a nice idea for you to start a series of video in which you explain openings using this "explaining"

  2. The caro kann is basically a french opening without a french bishop..

  3. Only at 700 elo, really wanting to study the Caro-Kann as my go to black opening against e4. This is one of the best videos I've seen.

  4. Danya reminds me of 2 or 3 respectable people rolled into one.

  5. When you went to the pawns only board it was very helpful. I feel one hole in teaching openings to sub 1k players is what the actual goal is in that specific opening.
    Would make a good series of shorter videos.

  6. The most clear and simple teaching I’ve seen so far, thank you

  7. I like that he apologizes for ranting when his ranting is the exact information I've been looking for about my opening and that has been lacking in most of the chess tutorials I've watched. It's great when you get a teacher like this who doesn't just act like everything is obvious but who shows things so clearly that it becomes obvious.

  8. BTW that's not speedrunning and it's "all pawns and no hope" and that's the stupidest thing ever said in a TV show.

  9. Of the best chess context on the internet!
    Does anyone know how much does Daniel charge for private tutoring?

  10. what took me so long to find this channel…..

  11. Bruh as a Caro Kann main I learnt from this single game more than from the rest of youtube

    Thanks Danya <3

  12. Bro. you’re famous so you’re probably not gonna see this comment but i just wanna say these videos are immensely helpful and you’re amazing at explaining each and every move in a very logical and concise manner that allows me(a beginner) to truly understand the nuances in the game and develop a greater understanding of it👌🙏 thanks bro

  13. these are making the caro kann way less scary to play as i try to learn openings other than the italian.

  14. Sometimes I wish I was every Russian schoolboy, I'd already have seen all this stuff.

  15. Subscribed 🙂

    I have to say really nice explanation of the opening. I did not have the time to check but Videos where you show the different lines in more Detail would be great

  16. You earned a subscriber with the circleback line hehehehehehe

  17. Wow, this guy really is the best at explaining what's going in Chess, other streamers like Aman and the chess nerd try, but they mostly end up just making moves and not explaining why, especially the nerd. theres a video of 400-2300 with EVERY MOVE EXPLAINED, the first 10 minutes basically just moving pieces and not talking lol

  18. Reply here if you want to return and study this!

  19. "Look at the position with your own eyes" 😂

  20. I follow gothamchess and i really like Levy, but watching Danya really shows, atleast for me, that even in the way they teach, there's really a difference between IMs and GMs . I like how Levy teaches, but the way Naroditsky does it is really more detailed.

  21. Yo this is just beautiful. I have watched Hikaru, Magnus, Chess Bruhhhhhh, Eric Rosen, Gotham chess, Finegold content but non of them are as insightful and helpful as you are. I’ve been looking for this cause my buddy is kicking my ass with caro kann and I’m lookin for some good explanations and your content is just amazing. Thanks man for this. Love from Poland ❤❤❤

  22. Ive been trying to learn the caro kann through different videos and articles i can find and this was by far the most helpful and informative video I’ve found

  23. I love how Daniel assumes we see the same thing. Daniel….I don’t see anything😂😂

  24. best free caro video out there

  25. Just subscribed after watching. Hikaru made the suggestion in one of his streams that I should be watching your content. This was a very helpful video. Learned a lot.

  26. That’s awesome I had very close of same position in my last game as black

  27. Amazing content. Probably my favorite, tbh. I'm nowhere near the level of skill where I could fully appreciate the years of experience going into this video and I got more than I bargained for. Thanks Daniel.

  28. So… what you’re saying is chess is easy… Im going to remember all this and be a GM!!!

  29. very well done, have listened to allot of utubers, you are the best by far. Thank you. May Jesus bless your family, Amen

  30. Love the Caro Kann but always thought Nh6 would run into a spontanious tall variation actually trapping the bishop but watching this helped alot as always

  31. Been stuck at 1050 for a while. I think I can take my elo up 100 points or so with the ideas from this lesson.

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