Mate in 6 moves! Budapest Trap #shorts #chess


  1. I see one move to save the King.
    Sacrifice ur queen. Move her like a horse 🐴 piece. That will defend the king. If the opponent's queen takes ur queen then the king can take the opponent's queen. Thus saving himself. Next suggestion is make moves on this side of board to surround & protect ur king.

  2. use this for a romeo santos music video

  3. Pawn ♟: Nobody care about me anymore because I am at the last covering the right rook

  4. Lol, yeah if you're playing against someone who fails to develope their pieces early. But yes I get it, the distraction. It's stupid, just like social media

  5. Her: Haha I beat you!
    Him: Hold on..
    *Gets up*
    *Her: Notices him putting on a suit and tie*
    Him: Alright I’m back.. lets get going.

  6. who plays the second move with knight like that 🤦‍♂️

  7. Damn.. .
    She will win bcoz of her fork..

    Her check & the 'looks' attack.. 🌹🛠️💦

  8. first of all, this isnt even the budapest gambit, budapest gambit is d4 nf6 c4 AND THEN e5, and also no human plays 2. nd2 if they play d4

  9. Mam its called Lazard Gambit

  10. After watching for a couple of times, I finally realized that they were playing chess.

  11. No one puts their white Knight in that position the second turn

  12. Even if i try this gambit it stills failed because it's not same opponent move

  13. We should focus on chess bord boys 👦.

  14. No one in the history of mankind has ever played 2.Nd2.
    This is literally science fiction

  15. I give you 100 chance but you won't be able to checkmate me once!

  16. My question is: Who the fuck plays Kd2 after d4?

  17. It’s the four move checkmate over and over😂

  18. This trap always works, I’ve tried it myself lol

  19. I would also play knight to D2 on move 2 against a supermodel, I might actually play king d2 against her. Maybe even king d3 on move 3 because my king is my avatar and he's into the vibe

  20. if you guys carefully see the video, they are playing chess

  21. Bro she's playing against a 200 ELO player

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