Me learning a new chess opening

Made by @HarrisAlterman

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  1. It’s like fake martial arts “hey grab me, no the other arm, no not that way”

  2. First mistake of every chess newbies

    You don't actually need to memorize tactics, just know how it is made on the chess field and you'll be unstoppable in chess

  3. Ever since the fried liver attack got so popular, every game I play with people rated 800 or lower play it and once I play the traxler they either resign or just start playing random moves

  4. With white, I always play the Italian or 4 Knights.
    With black, it depends on the opponent but if it's available I always go to the Sicilian Najdorf Variation or Scandinavian Defense

  5. At the start: HEEHEEHEEHAW
    (can I get a hehehehaw chain below)

  6. I resign. Now play the way I want you to. You might see your family again if you behave.

  7. The fact that I realized that he learned main line fried liver 😑never even got in that position before☠️

  8. I feel this so much, hikaru’s probably never has this problem because he probably knows every opening.

  9. You have sane boar deeded as md

  10. When I play family members at chess at xmas, they don't know openings, so much of the theory I know is useless. I can still stick to opening principles though to get a better position.

  11. aint no way i have the same chess set as this guy

  12. yeah lets play the italian game as white… black played h6 Rh7 out of nowhere and beats you bc why not

  13. I simply get pieces out there. My opening is just which pawn I move first. My last game (also my first win because I suck) I almost saw a beautiful mate in 6 but it ended up being mate in 83. I ended with three queen promotions.

  14. Man’s really said the “hehehehe” from clash Royale

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