My Grandmaster Mom Played Chess Hustlers in Union Square Park

During our visit to NYC my mom GM Pia Cramling played some games against a chess hustler in Union Square Park. Hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you thought about the games! 😀

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  1. The second game, she missed the clock multiple times lol

  2. Half the game is over in under a minute. Pretty impressive.

  3. Your mom is so sweet and modest around people. But she's a beast on the board 🙂. I had to do a double take and watch at 7:13 again. As looks like your mom sacrificed her queen as she already saw the end of game at that time. He did a good job of trying his best to hold on.

  4. I don't know him but most though park hustlers prob master FM ?

  5. he is rock solid and seemed like a lovely dude. she seems awesome as well, just a lovely time.

  6. He is so not a hustler. He is a passionate human being who is very smart and loves the game. Wish I had the ability to play like this.

  7. Do you have any titles that aren’t click bait??

  8. Why do you describe him as a hustler? That’s a racial slur. He did nothing but treat her with respect and has great personality as well. Would love to play with him!

  9. Hustling implies you act like an amateur while actually a pro to win money in wagers. This ain’t hustling.

  10. I know nothing about chess, but this lady is fascinating.

  11. "Chess Hustlers" arent con men.
    Everybody knows who they are.
    You pay them to learn how to play at a high level.

    This time he got to be the student instead of the teacher…and he loved every second of it.

  12. The name of this video is super offensive – you should seriously consider changing. It’s pretty racist and oblivious to call this guy a hustler just because he’s playing chess in the park (maybe for money?) – he’s clearly a master himself and yall are having a blast. Think about how it might make him feel to see his face on the internet, labeled a hustler, while you a white woman with thousands of followers, profit off of this content…

  13. First off, young girl STFU ruined the whole video! Then you reveal shes a GM halfway through just to kill the reaction! THEN you label the poor guy a HUSTLER for what? Clicks? I hope he sees this and sues you for defamation

  14. An ordinary hustler has no chance against a grandmaster…

  15. I started playing chess after moving from nyc, really want to visit to play at the park

  16. What a lovely interaction 🙂
    When someone beat me at something I'm very good at I'm always gadly impressed cuz I'm a weird autist with high IQ.
    I just want to challenge them again to understand why they're better than me.
    The mistakes in life just build us stronger and wiser. We just have to look at the path we took to make a bad decision 🙂

  17. I didn't like the push for boasting by the daughter. Her mother is trying to play with humility and her daughter is all about "look at me look at me." Relax

  18. ahora yo quiero volver a aprender a jugar ajedrez

  19. I can watch her mum play all day………..amazing!!!!

  20. Lots of people will envy Anna's relationship with her mum

  21. He recognized her skill very quickly, was super respectful, and was almost too happy he underestimated her elo a bit cuz it meant he was losing against an even stronger opponent than he thought. Good dude.

  22. He cut her a break after a long think when he had mate in 1. A true gentleman.

  23. dudes a stubborn POS with just a king and pawns vs 2 rooks. lay it down bum

  24. Wow, got chills from his response when you asked him "how strong you think she is after the first game. He is obviously great at chess to pin down your mothers rating after one game.

  25. 2:07 you can hear someone in the background say "should of walked away with your 4th win"🤣

  26. Cool video, but in this case mom is the hustler.

  27. Did he asked you for money? If not your mom can be a GM but you're just a brat.

  28. it's like Mike Tyson against a ballet dancer

  29. Jesus christ mom is brutal lol just straight for the kill.

  30. “Go ahead, go head , go head , go head and save me”

  31. I think mom should have her own channel instead😂

  32. I love the interaction with Big John. He seems like a good soul. And I love how much you admire your mom and love to talk her up while she likes to kindly deflect her accomplishments because she's so humble. Just all good things in humanity in 1 video. Love it!

  33. go head go head go head and save me 🎶😌

  34. “My mom taught me everything I know about chess” as she looks around anywhere but the board; and has nothing to do with the game.

  35. Why call him a hustler to belittle him he seemed like a stand up guy

  36. I love how Pia says, "Sorry" as she demolishes her opponent 😂 so polite

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