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  1. And he sacrificessssssss the TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. cant believe he was late to an online event😂

  3. Its called being hungover , lack of sleep , or in some cases still drunk

  4. I will play the disrespect attack, Carlson line, the hikaru defence variation

  5. Bro took always take your time to another level 💀

  6. Me and my friends just call it the time gambit

  7. The thing is though in the first clip the guy continued to ask the arbiter to stop the clock and not start the game and when he didn’t (the arbiter) he slowly moved each time to make it a fair time control!

  8. Magnus is that one guy in school who never does anything ever but somehow does better than everyone

  9. Worlds best chess player and worlds fastest speedwalker

  10. Chemistry students liks the background music

  11. It is the game thing that Bobby Fischer did to Boris Spassky (a russian chess champ)

  12. Even mikhail tal cannot defeat this gambit😂😂

  13. Okay but why does Magnus look like an angry child 🤣🤣🤣


  15. Magnus giving his opponents more time to prepare 💀

  16. I think the best retaliation is the flip the board gambit

  17. My new Gambit is called "Young Sheldon"

    Basically, I pull out my gun and get my opponent to run for their life, they will time out and I win.

    Its called Young Sheldon because that was what was playing when I got home and turned on the TV.

  18. Magnus said he runs not bcs he late but bcs does not want to look rude

  19. If it has a greater than 50% win rate, perhaps others should consider it.

  20. Okay…… thx for telling us the clock gambit,im sure that i will use it in all my games

  21. The Jedi mind trick gambit "you will blunder the knight"

  22. magnus has literally the whole baking industry…..

  23. Can't wait for that one American dude invent the "Glock" opening with 100% win rate

  24. And later on he was defeatd by watch gambit😂

  25. A reason for not take serious chess. Someone can arrive late and is not disqualified.

  26. If deliberate its dumb. Probably the best player of all time, he doesn't need to do this stuff.

  27. Didn’t everyone do this. Fischer did this with Spassky.

  28. bro is using ancient japanese war tactics (mıyamoto musashi the legendary swordsman arrived late to the duels to make his opponent furious which he would use to his advantage)

  29. Yes umm I played it in my school's tournament and uhh i got disqualified

  30. Am trying this incredible gambit in my next tournament. Thanks magnus!

  31. I made a new gambit is aswell! It's called the glock gambit.
    Pulls out an AK47

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