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Welcome to the Chess Steps Series, where I teach you various concepts on your road to being a superstar chess genius. This is Episode 1.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Game 1 vs 205
14:21 Game 2 vs 411
26:06 Game 3 vs 548
41:57 Game 4 vs 540

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  1. Sometimes to go forward……..Go Back

  2. bro just wanna teach people chess and just stumbled the strongest 200 elo player 💀

  3. Now I understand my mistakes. I have a tendency to pin myself…

  4. How tf is there only one comment

  5. Make the plan
    Exute the plan
    Expect the plan to go off the rails
    Thow away the plan

  6. so why not pin the 2nd pawn to the king and take the knight on game after he removed the queen?? wasnt that a good idea???

  7. Love the way you look at the lowest level players in the same way you would think about advanced players!

  8. game 3 he saw the bishop move coming before he said he did

  9. Queen c7 in the first game. Levy is describing why that is a good move and stuff. Allow me to put you in the mind of that player when he made that move: "I am attacking a rook here this seems good"

  10. Levy getting surprised by the mate is probably by far the most accurate representation here

  11. Him saying why you should explicitly not do something then does it gives his awful moves a bit of shock factor and I think that's absolutely ingenious because it – in some way – makes that mistake more memorable giving opportunity to you not making the same mistake later when you play your own games
    I love it!

  12. Honestly that first 200 player was amazing

  13. You can't lower yourself to a 800 level, you're too good ahaha. You should try limiting yourself by implementing some rules.

    That way you limit your own skill and actually teach people of this level to implement those rules in order to create good chess fundamentals

    For example, people around 800 don't know tactics. They just attack in the middle lol, I should know.

  14. My best comeback was they had taken everything except pawns a bishop and a knight while they had at least 1 of every piece and most pawns
    And i somehow miraculously just kept trapping and pinning and forking pieces with the knight and bishop while my pawns were defending the king and after about 6 minutes i had gotten an advantage and it was just there queen and pawns with me having 3 pawns my knight and bishop
    I had a threat of gaining a queen but went after their queen because from my position i found it better to protect my king and try to take their queen rather than get one of my own which I proceeded to do after a few moves and then somehow i did a bishop knight checkmate instead of just going for the queen for an easier time

    My rating is about 800

    My heart was racing by the end because of how i just turned on my brain and skyrocketed to a 2000 rated sadly that ended after the match its almost like i was a gm in a previous life

  15. Purposefully playing poorly and rooting for your opponent is so meta

  16. 23:15 That's important. In many games I've seen even champions resort to a drew by stalemate so they don't lose

  17. That first guy clearly wasn't 200. I have only just joined and basically only know how the pieces move and I'm 400. He also had a diamond membership, he clearly just lost a lot on purpose to lower his elo to be in the video.

  18. Opponent: Why is the enemy taking so long to move??

    Meanwhile, GothamChess:………………

  19. How much is the Intermediate Chess course?

  20. Levy you play too low to the level. Yes a 500 catches that bishop more often than not. We look for stuff hanging and that's hanging. We may not know how to finish the game but we know how to take pieces man lol

    Edit: then you made a move I wouldn't have seen with that rook. You have trouble playing down to our level lol. We look to defend and look to take a piece for free. That's it

    See you just got that sneak attack with the discover, which was a 3 move plan, but you don't think we would've gotten that bishop? Ahhh lmao. I'm just teasing you but I think we'll learn more if you play properly most of the time. (I will say that sneak attack does get me so I have no problem with you falling for that, if anything I really need to work on seeing those)

  21. i have a question: so at around 9:21 mins into the video, i notice something. if you took the pawn on b5 with the bishop, (great start haha) and most probably the pawn on a6 took your bishop, if you attacked that pawn with the night, attacekd the queen and after that the rook, wich probably wont happen because the opponent will most probably notice, would it be better than the move you were doing in that moment or is it just a trash move

  22. Love the content, came to watch after my dad and I started playing every night, this has been so helpful 🎉❤

  23. You are a goat for this I can tell you are saying to yourself I can beat those players in 2 minutes but I gotta showcase what I’m doing in slow motion 😭

  24. How much do you want to bet that the first player was a stream sniper?

  25. I've been on the fence about subscribing for a while, but definitely will for this. I've played a lot casually and had a "coach" in a room of people, but never 1 on 1 tutoring or anything. I was quite better than most of my peers as a kid/teen, but absolutely fell off in adulthood. So I might be pretty good about knowing about forks, removing defenders, some mating threats, a bit of positional stuff, but this video has a bunch of things that I either forgot or slipped through my questionable training… Thanks for making it.

  26. gotham missed that bishop to e4 is a excellent move because it attacks the queen blocks the mate and is protected by knight rook and queen.

  27. this hasn't helped me at all i need serious help

  28. Notice how he said that the pawns were frozen just like the 6 year-old that Gotham taught chess to

  29. Me 450Elos other once with that many elo= playing as pros

  30. why would bishop take f2 be better than queen takes it in third game? would queen not lead to quicker mate?

  31. I'm very happy with the lesson, i won a game and was not savage and wild. Well, maybe a little…

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