No Girls!

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  1. I play this a lot, it rarely gets this far and I dont think the knight coming out is ideal, there is some werd h4 line that the engine wants.
    Also girls I guess 🙂

  2. That abrupt transition is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. "Do not.."

    My mind "sell marijuana to my husband"

  4. Had like 4 people try this against me and every single one of them blundered and lost lmao.

  5. after trapping the queen before c3, what about bishop b6, then queen c5 and the queen can escape?

  6. Her: I love bad boys.

    Him: My favorite opening is h4.

  7. He was talking like he was being chased by a ghost or something

  8. i thought she was gonna say "do not, sell marijuana to my husband."

  9. She blundered the boyfriend, which, like the queen, you only have one of.

  10. Getting your Queens out early?! Bad move for both White and Black! There are so many other ways to defend g7 from Qg4 without going Qf6, and they all put White at a disadvantage, since their Queen is now loose on the center of the board with only one Knight and Bishop while Black can develop whilst threatening White's Queen.

    Talk to some girls, they might have some chess tips for you – a chess girl

  11. "do not-"
    I will
    "-Talk to a girl"

  12. You like a guy… who finds any place in the world by just looking into piece of image 😅

  13. Ever since this dropped my bf has been real silent.

  14. Sometimes it takes a real Pawn to make the perfect Queen.

  15. After black do check, their win probability by my analysis, is way higher

  16. "don't talk to a girl"
    Yes, but we agreed on a queen's gambit

  17. The real copycat variation is Levy copying Rainbolt reel format

  18. literally the best intro I have ever seen. 😂

  19. Some People:
    Playing Chess Normally at 1st

    Next Opponent*

    Waits until the timer hits 5sec before moving just to annoy them,
    And force them to resign.

    Chess Players:
    You're a Noobie newbie

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