Noah’s Ark TRAP | Chess Tricks to WIN Fast #Shorts

On my 11th Birthday, I learnt about Noah’s Ark Trap from a friend. Today, on my birthday, I thought of sharing this with you all. It’s a cool little chess opening trick in the Ruy Lopez to capture the bishop & gain a match winning advantage early on in the game.
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  1. The only problem is that white doesn’t have to give those checks, he can just retreat and he’s fine

  2. "Then he a goner" only the best get quoted 😊

  3. Still don’t get it. Why is your opponent moving pawn first and letting you advance freely? Its like he is giving you free advantage

  4. I thought this would be a gambit to trap the king 👑 not the bishop.

  5. Nope, there's a way for queen. She goes to its origin place. That's it sir. No any trap….

  6. ⚠️What if white queen takes pawn on f7 from d5 and make a mate??
    Haha game is over ⚠️

  7. If he takes the poan he is goan lol

  8. No i think not
    If your queen nxt move 5row number 2 coloum😏

  9. Stupidity. Why not take knight by bishop in the 7th move.

  10. Omg in a game a while ago today played exact same moves against Bishop and Queen.. except that last move of trapping the bishop i blundered and resigned

  11. when i play mf's kill my knight at bishop trap🥲

  12. – King opening
    Then takes out queen*
    No that's not how I learned.

  13. Lol noah's ark is also an attack in clash of clans

  14. Looking good but how can I play my opponent's strike🤔

  15. This is actually good. I can see myself getting greedy for prons 😌 ocean time

  16. Can't queen go backwards to save herself?

  17. White queen can go to f5 and white Bishop can eat f7

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