Opening Principles in the Ruy Lopez | Chess Openings Explained

National Master Jim McLaughlin explains basic opening principles while going through the Steinitz Defense Deferred.

Do you prefer this view style or would you like the superimposed board to appear as Jim moves?



  1. When Ben Finegold tells Stories everybody likes them, when somebody else does it everybody complains?!

  2. Very good instructor, will be coming back for more.

  3. This guy must be from the same hometown as Jeff Bridges

  4. Is it me or does this guy look a pregnant in certain view angles?

  5. Very boring lecture ben gold yaseer and jonathan are the best.

  6. Thanks Master Jim and STLCC for this awesome video .

  7. Can you put the specific game example in the video description? I'm really new to chess and I'd like to look up the game to see how it ends, and it's annoying to have to look back through the video for the one time he actually said who was playing.

  8. Kind of annoying that he doesn't actually get through the opening….

  9. Watch it at x 1.25 speed – thank me later

  10. Thank you Jim. Please make more videos!

  11. Nice video for those who start, tit was helpful for my son

  12. Pro: This guy is amazing at explaining chess concepts
    Con: 90% of his explanations have nothing to do with the Ruy Lopez Opening

    5/10, would watch half again

  13. "White has the advantage of the first move… because white gets to move first." – Jim McLaughlin, 2018

  14. Should retitle the video. It is not really about the Ruy Lopez. This is really an introduction to basics videos using a RL game for illustration.

  15. I think it's a bit presumptuous to say that 12…c6 is even a "minor mistake".

  16. I think he's doing a great job, it's a beginner class and he's explaining things very nicely

  17. This teacher is amazing, I'm a total beginner and hooked me up really well with all the history behind the openings, really interesting I wish I could see more of his classes any link? Thank you verry much

  18. I love this video, nice reintroduction to chess for a 1 year absentee. Also it gave very good fundamentals of ruy lopez

  19. I can understand the downvotes a bit. I feel bad because he's clearly teaching very beginner level players about an opening that's been so deeply studied for so long. Players at this level really should start with more of the basics and discuss different tactical motifs or even endgame positions just to remove complexity. It's difficult to teach opening ideas when you struggle to understand the basics of the game. He definitely diverted for the first 24 minutes of the lesson which isn't a bad thing if it's valuable information (and it was), but it keeps people in a constant anticipation wondering when the major subject of the class will occur. I do think he should have also stuck with the currently accepted algebraic notation rather than descriptive as it's no longer in use and doesn't help new players in any way by using it. He was very patient and it's hard to know if his choices in topics for the lesson were chosen last second due to player level or if this is just habit, but the information was valuable, seems very patient.

  20. Ruy López wasn't a Catholic bishop. He's a priest.

  21. Had no idea that Rex Sinquefield himself did chess videos!

  22. This was awesome! He's a great teacher, easy to understand and follow. Loved how he brought the history into it. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Barely two moves, and 20 mins go by.

  24. Watching him wipe his dripping nose with his finger every 5 seconds was too distracting for me to watch.

  25. I'm a fairly advanced player (1900 lichess) and I really didn't mind all the extra explanation .

  26. Super explanation For any beginner…I've been training son..and I've been viewing so many videos is certainly up there Sir

  27. He’s obviously fighting through a fear of public speaking. Learned a lot.

  28. 52:25 c7c6 was the correct move, didn't you see the queens pin threat on the pawn/rook?

  29. 58:00 if this pawn isn't there, how do you not get your queen pinned against your rook?

  30. This guy is a great teacher. Making things interesting!

  31. he is educating/teaching as opposed to showing. I have watched lots of other videos on the opening and have not been as schooled on everything around what I should do as I am in this video. Other videos I have watched they are going through the motions quickly however not with the depth that this video goes to. I my opinion he is an educator not a displayer of moves.

  32. It took me a while to realize that those red lights moving randomly across the black wall were actually vehicle tail lights passing outside behind a privacy/screen. Anyway, I enjoyed his class.

  33. Haha people may not like this video but It really makes me love more Chess by its community from begginers, intermediate and masters as him!

  34. This dude is fantastic, super knowledgeable about chess history as well

  35. It's Komodo with a K and calling it a little Dragon is like Calling Magnus a beginner.

  36. Very clear explanation with a lot of extra useful information for beginners.

  37. Skip to 24 minutes that's when the ruy Lopez actually starts

  38. Forget about Asia or South America,
    You beat a few Europeans and
    Call yourself World Champion. 😂

  39. He’s clearly at this age where he feels he has to pass on a legacy

  40. ive learned more in this video than the other streamers combined. Just so many good basic principles mentioned in one video.

  41. There are actually values that value the bishop higher in fractions

  42. Is it me or he just mixed up Capablanca story into Morphy's??

  43. As an old time club player this was a great video with both the idea behind the opening but the strategic ideas behind pawn structures and piece development. David S

  44. The Teacher is brilliant. I would really love to see this teacher teach more chess lessons from the very beginner up to Master level. Again brilliant work by this chess teacher.

  45. Please anyone inform to me. What is name of BGM.

  46. veeeeerry intro. but good for pseudointermediates

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