Royal Fork 🥶👑 | Chess tactics


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  1. Scandinavian defense Botez gambit acctedP.S. I’m too tired to put a colon in between defense and Botez. It’s midnight when making this comment, so please forgive me

  2. The guy that got forked:😢The music:Mr. Bombastic Bomba Fantastic

  3. Scandinavian defense: Botez Gambit Accepted

  4. Scandivanian defense misses corkàt variation

  5. Scandinavian Defense: Mieses-Kotrc Variation

  6. Scandinavian defence: Miesis-krotz variation or something

  7. Scandinavian defense missies kortc variation

  8. What if the queen didn’t take the bishop?

  9. Its not , the queen can he placed on e5 checking the king and threating rhe knight before the queen capture

  10. That ain’t a trap buddy 😂 that’s your opponent being a dumbass

  11. Scandinavian Defense, Mieses-Kotrc variation, Main Line

  12. This is I think Scandinavian Defense

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