She Didn’t Know I Was A Professional Chess Player…

The other day I played chess against a girl from the USA visiting Stockholm. Her friends said she was gonna beat me as she always wins, hope you enjoy! 😀

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  1. I find Anna's videos strangely calming and settling. I thoroughly enjoy them. Upvoted, shared and, as always, happily subscribed. PS: I really like the ones with Mom as well.

  2. I am not an expert but I presume Pennsylvania is warmer.

  3. Thumbnail was a bit clickbaity. Girl was humble, it was her hype team off camera that said she was good at chess.

  4. How can you play chess with the sleeves on that coat?

  5. The live chat is spot on, chatting on the opponent's time and having the board pulled close to her, c'mon Anna, play fair 😛

  6. From Pennsylvania in America? Is there another one?

  7. Make your minds up either play chess or shut up! I couldn't follow the game too much distracting yak

  8. I dont even play chess but I subscribed because it’s just kinda fun to watch

  9. I'll never understand why folks play the blitz games. Seems to me that you're practicing how to miss the best moves half the time.

  10. No idea why youtube started recommending this channel but I'm glad it did!

  11. Sweden is good at making humans, not food

  12. "You only forgot to develop half your board, but other than that, you played very well…"

  13. I love chess, but i hate losing, it makes me feel like an idiot, especially when i know how i lost

  14. That was very bad chess on white's part…

  15. 4:49 a pro chess player forgot to press her clock haha , on purpose? 🙂

  16. Did she grow up in America? Her accent is very American. Shes also the sweetest person btw.

  17. Are you two related? You look like siblings 😂

  18. Since you're talking about meals, i'm pretty sure chess player's favourite meal is fried liver 😉

  19. This is like a Professional boxer offers to box tourists and pretends he is a wimp….

  20. To much yack, yack, yack for my taste.

  21. 08:14 Ah was just waiting for you to move that queen, mate in two…Q-f6. Oh…. or you could do that of course…. lol

  22. There juxtaposing beanie colours perfectly mismatch their pieces..

  23. That initial bishop check was imo a mistake, I think you should have pushed the rook pawn on her bishop advance and pin on your knight if her bishop retreated then your check would have been very strong

  24. Can I ask, why did the opponent have a Rode mic on? That seems a givea way that this is going to be a "pro" video.

  25. I get beat by the computer on easy all the time lol. But I love watching other people play it's Great game.

  26. I like the chess, I like her, but she turns the tweeness up far beyond the point at which it would nauseate a Jennifer Aniston fan. I hope there were no diabetics listening.

  27. Is it coincidence that they almost match except a light and dark difference as with the pieces on the board?

  28. If they have an chess timer, they aren't amateurs

  29. When I was in H.S. & for a few years before I got there several guys would play chess in the library over lunch break or on free periods & the library wall that separated it from the hall was glass & loads of kids would stand in the hall & some in the library & watch it was pretty crazy seeing all these 15-18 year olds watching other kids play chess.

  30. I was subscribed. But you are lying with your thumbnail. I'm not a fan of liars.

  31. "Pennsylvania is not Sweden" is the most accurate statement ever

  32. You are a cheater Anna, talking over her time hahahahahaha

  33. Pennsylvania is beautiful, idk what she is talking about.

  34. What I don't like of this video is that the cover shows like Anna's opponent bragged about how good she was and will crush Anna, when actually she was more "I'm not that good, I just want to play".

  35. If you could bottle and sell Anna’s happiness, the whole world could be happy!

  36. This is the dumbest conversation I've ever sat through in my life.

  37. PewdiePie, Volvo and Abba. You have a lot to be proud about!

  38. when women show their teeth to each other a lot, there is serious competition happening….

  39. This young woman is cool. Americans are much better tourists now than years ago.

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