Sicilian Defense Opening Trap – Win fast with this chess opening trick and tactic | beginner chess

Episode 4 of High Probability Opening Traps! In this video you will learn a sneaky trick you can play in the Sicilian Defense opening for white! This variation is known as the Delayed Alapin and can surprise your opponents with a very tricky chess tactic. This chess opening is very common, and 9000 chess players have fallen for this chess opening trap. This chess trick is very sneak and many beginner chess players will fall for this. It is a great beginner chess trap and trick to learn to surprise your opponents in the Sicilian defense. There will be more Sicilian Defense Opening traps and tricks to come, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for upcoming videos in the High Probability Traps series!

High Probability Opening Traps PLAYLIST:


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  1. Instead of playing knight c6 they will play knight bd7

  2. Why do we play Be2 specifically? It doesn't seem to be involved in the trap at all.

  3. Finally! I found good trap which is quite playable in games. I will try it

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