Simple & Powerful Opening for Black – Pirc Defense | Best Chess Moves, Traps, Strategy & Ideas

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Pirc Defense – Here’s a simple & powerful opening strategy for black, which can help you beat your opponents & win more chess games. These chess opening plans, moves, tactics, tricks and ideas, will help you advance to a really solid middlegame. We’ll look at the Czech Pirc Defense and all the best moves in different variations (Classical, Austrian Attack, 150 Attack & Byrne variation) of the main line in the Pirc Defence. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Chess Openings – Introduction
0:48 Pirc Defense – First Moves
1:51 Czech Pirc Defense – Strategy & Ideas for Black
4:46 About Skillshare
5:59 Czech Pirc Defense – Strategy & Ideas for White
7:28 Pirc Defense – Main Lines
8:06 Pirc Defense – Classical variation
9:09 Pirc Defense – Austrian Attack
10:39 Pirc Defense – 150 Attack & Byrne variation
11:38 Chess Puzzle

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  1. why not c4 pawn move forward to c5 by attacking horse and defending itself

  2. I think this opening is kings Indian defense


    *Magnus Carlsen also watching this video…

  4. Thank you coach. My rating was 900 when I first watched your channel. Now my rating is amazingly 920

  5. Bg5 for white,queen f5 and bishops takes the knight on e7 and gains a piece

  6. English sun kr dimag kharab ho gya 😂😂😂

  7. Love the way he doesn't make us remember the entire thing and gives us general ideas as usually, people don't play the way u would expect them to…

  8. the answer for the puzzle is to play bg5 then queen moves f5 only logical move then i play bd3 and the sweety is trapped he is fully gone

  9. Angreji ke panne kyu kholte ho. Hindi me bhi baat kr skte ho. Aewei hero Banna hai .

  10. Very nice I will use this Opening only for black in my tournament

  11. Chase move can't see because of your english tutorial,,,, main point is,,, a2, b2, c2, d2 …….. Squares is not visible 😑😒

  12. Thank you very much for the informative video! I was especially happy that you present both a strong defense for black and also ideas for response by white. I feel that you have put my on my way to confidently understanding the pirc from both sides.

  13. 1.e4 d6
    2.d4 Nf6
    3. Nc3 c6
    4.Nf3 Qa5
    5.e5….what black will do now? Because dxe5 6.dxe5 will force black Knight to move away from f6 position and white will have Upper hand.

  14. This guy is amazing makes me enjoy chess more keep the good work

  15. Some people need the subtitles to better understand Hindu English to give them a better experience, unless they miss important lessons…

  16. only first three moves of this video helped me to win against 1500 rating. thanx bhai , i subscribed your channel just , love u bro

  17. Brother keep text outside the board.
    That could be good.😊

  18. First : play from both sides yourself to win the game😂😂.
    Your strategy is irrational if the other person playing has a bit of mind , he/she'll counter your strategy in no time 😂

  19. Thank you very much for your support video I am a bit bad at chess😢.

  20. ye sab videos me kitne ache lagte hai real me opponent wo moves chalta hi nahi

  21. what is the name of the theme of chessboard and pieces in this video Jitendra Advani Sir?

  22. If i see this much time of ad,i will reduce the interest of entering.

  23. bishop d3 blackmoves theirs then another bishop to g5 then blackqd6 bishop to knight qc7 takes rook then k took bishop then night g6 check queen is gone and game is urs

  24. Please tell me what if black knight pinned and black elephant checks white king is white king killed black elephant

  25. Another option white has is queen to f3 second move that isn’t talked about?

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