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  1. Bro is so good he castled with a bishop and ik you guys like he already castled with the rook but where and how is the rook gone

  2. I loved the part where Levy said “its And’ing time” and And’ed all over the monologue

  3. Magnus can make a grand master look like a beginner

  4. As Magnus is suffocating black pieces levy is suffocating himself….

  5. Ok, did magnus just castle with a bishop!?

  6. This is what I hear when I watch courses on basic chess openings

  7. My 200 elo brain:
    -_- i see what magnus did there.
    He did the thingy thing that happened to thingy.

  8. Chess player when they drink too much red bull

  9. I know what he’s saying is smart

    but I don’t know how it’s smart

  10. completely suffocating all the black pieces (and levy)

  11. Bro is singing the rap god song in chess💀💀💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️

  12. Magnus takes my elo, magnus sucker punches me to death, magnus kidnaps me, magnus was actually a disguise for his true identity as a mythological beast, magnus takes over the galaxy, magnus plays g4

  13. at first i though he was playing without the king, then though he castled with the bishop, i need sleep

  14. you could be a professional swimmer with that breath control

  15. If anyone was wondering, he resigned because there was no way for him to protect his knight, which is fatal in pro chess.

  16. All the black pieces are suffocating💀💀💀💀💀

  17. Meanwhile at 1200 games are decided by who blunders a piece/fork first

  18. Everything i understood was "magnus", "queen", "bishop" and "rook"

  19. Levy telling the move before even magnus played

  20. Tf levy everytime i see your vid its just magnus does this hikaru does that!!!!make your own teaching content which soo much funnn

  21. I don't believe myself
    I anderstand every single thing

  22. Pronouns were invented in 1596
    People in 1595:
    Magnus plays d4
    Magnus plays c4
    Magnus plays knight c3

  23. Speed chess, no no no no, speed commentary

  24. Bro suapp a rsppet
    I this typed blindly guess it what it is

  25. Hikaru calculating after the second move:

  26. how does gms play so simple but so complicated

  27. Dunno why but i feel my chess skill increased after watching this vid. Went through a math, got 92% accuracy

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