Special Chess Rule: En Passant; Basic Chess Lesson, Tips Tutorial – Pawn Moves, Ampasant Ampersand

En Passant is a Special Rule of Chess. This involves special pawn moves which are exception to the general form of capture. En passant is sometimes wrongly spelt as ampersand or ampasant. En passant is a French phrase which means ‘in passing’. This basic chess tutorial will help you learn the different types of moves your pawn can play (be it white or black). It is surprising to see that not many chess players are aware of this rule. In this chess lesson, I will teach you the basic chess ideas, tips & tricks that you can play around with to make best use of this rule to your advantage & win more games fast. This rule is sometimes also used as a special strategy & tactics to surprise your opponent. Generally, captures are done in chess where the capturing piece moves onto the square of the piece it is going to capture. But En Passant is an exception to this rule. In en passant, the capturing piece, that is, the pawn, moves to a different square than that of the target pawn. These pawn moves can be very useful in chess end games where the pawns are fighting for promotion.

2 Important Conditions of En Passant:
► The option to capture is available for one move only, that is, the immediate next move. You cannot use this anytime during the game.
► This option can be exercised only if the pawn has moved 2 squares on its first move. It cannot be used if the pawn moves one square at a time.

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  1. Hi sir , we can't use this in the begging right then where can we use this rule at the end of last pawn which is remain as it is without touched it or else in between of the game?

  2. Is 50 move rule is followed if opponent and me have only 3 pieces

  3. Thanks for sir for the basic secret rule

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  7. Now i understand this rule, Thanks alot sir

  8. Plz help….
    "Players move twice in each turn. The exception is the very first turn, when White moves only once."
    Is this true that white should move only one step at very first move of the game

  9. How many times a king can move if king and queen or rook of black and white remain

  10. i love chess and i also know ur a friend of minhajul haq as he is my chess teacher

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    Please tell

  12. Don't tell wrong rules in name of "universal " verification in very imported

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  17. My nephew send me chess video showing this move and said how one chess player had played this move and cheated and nobody noticed it….. I show that video many time but I was not convinced that the player cheated after all it was a international chess competition.. So search and I came to know about it .. That this is a legal move…. But i wanted to know more about it… And after searching for so long finally I came to know about it… Clearing all my doubt… So thank you very much….for this video

  18. Today I had subscribed to your channel finally I got a good INDIAN channel for improving my chess.😘❤️🙏

  19. I am new to chess. My question is in mobile while playing I earned 9 points and mine time is up and opponent has zero points and he wins the match… How is it possible?

  20. this is the most stupid and frustrating move which shouldn't exist

  21. Can we capture pawn of opponent by en passant rule by using any other piece then pawn?

  22. Sir if there is an opponent pawn in front of our pawn and then he play two square of of his left/right pawn then also we can do en passant move?

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  26. Can en passant only be used one time in whole match?

  27. Sir I'm a new player in chess, I always defeat in the game and i got so sad how I can improve please solve my Querrey

  28. another rule is the en passant can be only done in the black side's 4th ranks and white side's 5th rank

  29. Sir, which video would I watch for tournament…. thank you

  30. With this move we can capture only the opponent pawn not other pieces right?

  31. We can use it as much as time we get this opportunity or just one time?

  32. From which box to which box the Black can do

  33. How many times we can apply en passant in chess?

  34. Hi, I am new in this chanal
    And I think this is perfect for me because I love chess

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