Target Audience: Under 1800 Rated Chess Players – You MUST KNOW These Tactical Chess Ideas!

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15 Clever Tactics to watch out for in your next game. These are common, but tricky and will make you a better chess player!


  1. By the way, 8.38 there is a much better way to win material than QE2, reply to this comment if you know the answer XD

  2. This is not Under 1800 Elo tutorial, more realistic is 1200 elo stuff. Good job anyway.

  3. 8:37 Nf5 is stronger than Qe2 because you threaten NxBe7 next.

  4. So if I buy a hammer some thumbtacks and a thing of string I'll become a 2100?

    (Hey Google, find me the nearest Home depot)

  5. I'm stuck at 1400 even though I know all these ideas. What might be the problem?

  6. 1. Noah's ark trap. Trap a bishop using 3 pawns.
    2. Attack a pinned piece with a pawn
    3. Losing h3 pawn cuz of hanging knight on F3
    4. Back rank mate
    5. Rook sacrifice to setup knight fork
    6. Rook sacrifice to setup a bishop fork
    7. Early queen forks
    8. Bxf7 sacrifice to setup a good follow-up
    9. Rook checks on uncastled king
    10. Discovered attack by moving F3 or f6 knight
    11. Greek gift sacrifice. Sacrifice your bishop on h7 if your Knight and queen can follow up
    12. Discovered rook attack
    13. Are opponents king and queen on same file or diagonal?
    14. Rook deflection
    15. Blocking off a defenders of a higher valued piece

  7. bruh no way right after the vid i got a tactic which was for the king and queen on the same file so i sac'd my knight for a pawn and then brought the rook over and it was a skewer lmaooo thaknyou so much i was able to move my rating from 600 to825

  8. With a ladder and a hammer, on the other hand, you can do almost anything 😉

  9. Now not only did I learn more about chess but I learned some new tools. Thanks dad 🥸🥰

  10. I’m still watching. I just love this video. This is the first time I’ve commented twice on the same video!

  11. Hello big help needed I have been playing chess for 1 month maybe over a Month, now I am suddenly playing bad from 2 days please just tell something, some tips, I know to play Simple chess but nothing is working, even martin beat me twice. I almost beat 1000 rated bot, but IDK what happened. If you see this just reply. I am finding videos as a begginer now.

  12. At 5:30 you can win a room instead of just doing a queen for rook trade

  13. This is another one from You, that I will have to make sure to watch now and then, thanks….

  14. cant you sack the bishop @2:37 with check and then check with knight then bring the queen out like the traxxler?

  15. The first move for me is knight h6 check and a queen sacrifice for a smoothered mate

  16. okok but if I'm not crazy here KF1 is much better at 4:45 to not lose a pawn for after the check comes Re2 and you cannot defend both pawns. Thanks for your vids, Nelson! 😀 just a 1700 player here who dreams of becoming a 2000 one ^^'

  17. This man missed the dualistic 1.Nxe5 (arguably an exclam move) right off the bat, which is an alternative to Tactic Number Eight's tasteful 1.Bxf7+ line. Methodical to the prior, the 1.Nxe5 line does have a small drawback, if black does not accept the piece sacrifice, white enjoys a resulting one pawn advantage only. BUT, the 1.Nxe5 line is totally worth it. I mentioned that it involves a piece sacrifice, yes, but the real beauty of it is that the piece so happens to be the Queen! Totally awesome combo and it continues: 1…Bxd1(the Queen totally looks en prise!)  2.Bxf7+ Ke7 (forced) and 3.Nd5#. Yep, checkmate!! Thank you for the awesome video.

  18. Now i Can Confidently Say "And Then He Sacrifice THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKK"

  19. I liked your last tactical idea. I guess it's called "interference" as a tactical theme. Practicing this theme with puzzles has turned some of my losing games into wins.

  20. I was the recipient of a greek gift sacrifice today, however I was safe to brin my knight out to defend the mate
    Fun fact, I am greek so they made a gift to me

  21. This is a very good and educative video
    Thanks 🙂

  22. for the knight fork puzzle you didn't need to sacrifice your rook and you could just bring your queen to b6 and then fork or mate but as an example for a knight fork you should just sacrifice the rook to fork because lots of games have these kind of sacrifice then forks and most of the time the queen isn't there so it's good to know the knight forks in situations like this.

    Also for puzzle 8 you can take the e5 pawn with the knight and if bishop takes then White's bishop goes to f7 check, king goes e7 and knight d5 is mate

  23. In tactic 14 a have a forced mate in 2:
    Queen e8 (giving check and king can’t take back because of the rook)
    King g7 (only legal move)
    Queen g8 checkmate 😀

  24. I don’t like the rook bishop fork (ch. 6) very much. Sure it’s nice to fork King and Queen but Qxd5 largely evens the advantage out so you jot only sacrificed a rook but also a bishop to catch a queen and a pawn. It’s good but not stunning.

  25. man, your videos are really good and helpful. ive played for a long time, but having someone spell out the concepts like you do really helps me to remember those situations in an actual game. thanks mate!

  26. I have used the "Greek Gift Sacrifice" and similar – basically, sacrificing a piece (sometimes a knight rather than a bishop) to pull the king out there and attack it.

  27. you had a video about an old book with principles. can't find it now

  28. I love how in each position he's giving as example, there can be found a better move or continuation than the one about the tactical idea he's explaining. Real life demonstration of applying the maxim "when you find a good, look for a better one'

  29. One of the bests if not the best chess tutors I've seen. Thanks Nelson.

  30. i love your videos learning a lot from you

  31. when the target audience is 99.9999% of the current global population

  32. 4:49 Isn't Qb6+ better? It's fork without losing the rook or you just win the queen with Re1 next…

  33. right out the gate my 950 mind is blown. I was thinking ND6 to take a free pawn

  34. Uhm, isnt having a queen and having a rook and bishop same?

  35. Smothered checkmate didn't immediately pop up in my mind. But I could see the double check, and figured it out – but took time – about 2-3 mins.

  36. Any good book recommendations on tactics?

  37. Wait in the #2 tactic cant you attack the bishop with a6 b5 preventing them from taking your knight

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