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15 Clever Tactics to watch out for in your next game. These are common, but tricky and will make you a better chess player!


  1. I’m a big fan of sacrifices like at 4:53 but if you’re trying to learn them, don’t always feel the need to jump straight into it because you can like in this example. Sometimes a move looks so good, you forget to keep looking. A thing that popped out to me is how three pieces are intersecting the b6 square, making it super weak. This makes me look at the queen which has a check too, using that square. Kc8 and Kd7 are the only moves and Kc8 walks the king into the fork we were thinking about, Nd6+ on the queen, without the rook sacrifice. That chance is worth exploring what happens after Kd7 instead. Well, Qb7+ skewering the Queen comes immediately to mind. The king can defend the queen on Ke8 and Ke6. Ke8 walks yet again into Nd6+ fork. Ke6 avoids the fork but the king can be deflected with Re1+. Qb6+ is the better move as it gains the material without sacrificing the rook. Although, it was harder to see. There is immediate value in a forcing move like Rb7+. It simplifies things. Less to consider. But as your awareness grows, more ideas compete with each other. That’s why it’s good to sometimes keep looking when you find a really good one. A lot of pieces intertwine with each other, an even better one may be nearby.

  2. Mr Lopez: I've come to like your channel and learn a lot from your videos, thank you. I dont know what my elo rating is but i was familiar with at least 12-13 of the tactics you covered in this cideo. In my opinion one skill or habit that low-elo players like me need to master is HOW not to miss different possibilities their opponents could play. As a result we dont take into account a lot of dangerous moves and things go badly. Is it possible to make a video that teaches low-elo people how to get into the habit of ALWAYS considering all options the opponent has?

  3. Nelson this is something that needs to be watched probably once a week as a reminder. I think we know many of these but its the reinforcement, you made it so easy to watch. you are great teacher

  4. I like your presentation at the beginning bc as someone who's played chess off and on for quite some time, I did not see that checkmate. Maybe if I looked at it for a while but that really goes to show the difference in experience/knowledge. Can you next tell me how to get that ladder to fit in my toolbox? Great video

  5. i never understand when comes a situation where a queen sacrificed how thats not ring a bell by the opponent (01:10 around)

  6. We need a better map for if the Greek Gift works or not

  7. 3:04 what about a6? kind of defeats the purpose if you lose a piece for a pawn as well or if you retreat the knight can move away

  8. GREAT video man I'm learning a lot from you

  9. Very helpful and well presented. You spoke very clearly and explained well. I was literally thinking “ok let me rewatch that bit” but you had already picked up on it and recapped what you were saying just as I was about to 🙂

  10. Thanks very clear concise insightful information it’s much appreciated. I really enjoy learning from you Nelson.

  11. Suggestion: Make a follow up video for each individual point, showing 5-10 examples of varying complexity then link them all in a play list. Repetition will help them sink in and it gives you 15 more videos that can each be linked to this one..

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  13. 3:04 your opponent can mitigate the damage by attacking the Bishop with its a pawn.

  14. Just found out this channel, nice information…thanks

  15. I heard a ton of good points, but I watched this drunk so ima have to watch this again

  16. Online chess scares me the only person I play is my dad. He won't know what's coming

  17. Just from the top of my head:

    #2 I'm not sure this is the best position to demonstrate the 'pinned piece' scenario (maybe inserting h3 a5 as preceding moves would do), as simple a6 followed by Nb4 does the 'escape the pin' job, though I'd prefer white in the resulting position. And if white retreats Ba4, b5 even equalizes for black, IMHO.

    #5 In this position, I'd play Qb6+ instead, without a second thought, frankly. If Kc8, then Qxc6+ – then if Kd8, Qxa8+ and there's ladder mate for white, or if Qc7, then Nb6+ followed by Qxa8+ and Nd5+ with the same fork. This way white wins more swiftly, without losing material unnecessarily.

    #7 It's worth mentioning, that similar queen forks work for unprotected opponent's pieces on the other side of the board (e.g. 1. e4 c6 2. Bc4 e6 3. d3 Ne7 4. Bg5 c5 5. Bb5 Qa5+ 6. Nc3 Ng6 7. Ne2 a6 8. Bc4 b5 9. Bb3 c4 10. dxc4 bxc4 11. Bxc4 Qxg5, though this would be quite some terrible chess by both sides, IMHO).

    Overall, a nice instructional video, as usual 🙂

  18. You know it would be really cool if you can give us a small puzzle that combines a few of the tips (or maybe with multiple possibilities and one winning move) you gave in the video for us to figure out and then revealing the answer either in another video or a few seconds later

  19. I haven't read all the comments, but in the example at 5:22, Qb6 would be a better move. The black King has to move to d7 (if c8, you have the KQ fork without losing your rook). But, after white plays Qb7, the black King is forced to defend the queen at e6 (e8 invites the fork), at which time, the black queen can simply pick move the rook to e1, removing the king's protection and winning the queen for nothing.

  20. At 14:14, I understand you are trying to teach about deflection, but in this case, Qe8 would be a mate in two.


  22. Honestly this is a massively undervalued channel, you give some fantastic tutorials!

  23. Like or Dislike: Like. Your videos offer valuable insights. If there's any way to reduce the clicking noises, it would be helpful.

  24. Very instructive and practical ideas explained lucidly.

  25. Thanks! 1550 here and definitely haven't been doing number 4,14 and 15. I 'll try to look for those. Great video!

  26. You're a master of talking to me like I'm an idiot while also providing a wealth of multi purposed info with real practical applications.
    That's a real talent. Hats off to you. Thanks
    Edit: Zero sarcasm intended. I really appreciate it 👍

  27. 10. Black Q takes knight protects Black Bishop. White is down a piece

  28. When it comes to chess, I only have a level, and tape measure.

  29. Great video man! Thanks for the tools 🔧😀. I wish you good luck in future matches. Take care man! ✌🏾

  30. Great video. Straight forward and informative without a bunch of rambling. Good work 👍🏻

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