The 17 BEST Traps In The London System

In preparing for this video I checked out these other London Opening Videos:

From Remote Chess Academy:

From Eric Rosen:

From Chess Tube:

From Hanging Pawns:

From Molton:


0:00 – Intro
1:24 – Trap 1
2:30 – Trap 2
4:10 – Trap 3
5:56 – Trap 4
7:18 – Trap 5
8:55 – Trap 6
10:40 – Trap 7
11:49 – Trap 8
13:24 – Trap 9
14:27 – Trap 10
17:44 – Trap 11
18:05 – The Real Trap 11
19:32 – Trap 12
21:05 – Trap 13
21:42 – Trap 14
22:16 – Trap 15
24:48 – Trap 16
26:27 – Trap 17

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  1. 😲😲😲😲😲 so this is how people beat me huh🤦‍♀️ SMH. I'm glad I just play the games wins and losses. It's better that way

  2. Man I was about to jump to the end until you said "Don't do that" lol

  3. your videos are top notch! ty for sharing the info

  4. this is stupid, i’ve played 500 games and not a single one played c5. what good are traps that can never be used and are totally refuted by c6.

  5. This channel deserve subs in millions👑

  6. I actually almost never watch videos of chess by people I don't know. But I really liked your video. The effort you put is shown and appreciated thank you.

  7. How do people even memorize this stuff?! No way I can keep all this information in mind.

  8. Wow, I loved the London but now I really love the London. Just gotta know how to memorize all these now. But if I may ask, is there a more efficient way? Because for something like trap 3 that was 12 moves, surely it would be very rare for the opponent to play all those 12 moves sequentially no? Thanks again!

  9. More information per minute than any chess channel on YouTube. Many thanks.

  10. So many of these traps don’t work if black plays c6 instead of c5.

  11. When black plays c5 is a blunder not a trap by white.

  12. I see you always play nf3 before bf4. I’ve see variations where white gets. Into trouble after Qb6 and then bf5 and white can’t protect b2 square with queen. So I always play bf4 first
    I believe Ginger video

  13. In trap number 10 when the queen goes to e7 we could play bd7 and win the queen

  14. What if we look at the moves you see at the beginning?

  15. So on trap #8, what about Qc7? Doesn't it pin the pawn? If pxkn, QxB, and it gets out of the way of the Q skewer.

  16. sir please give me one class on catalan opening

  17. I don't understand Trap 2. Sure black loses a rook but their Queen will slaughter the bishops

  18. At minute 16:57 at Trap #10 after Bc8 whites response is not Bc6, Its Nc6! Winning the queen

  19. trap 7 works because of the hanging rook on e8…

  20. All of those traps seem to happen after Kf6 … things are completely different with f6 instead.

  21. Trap 2 they can form a tempo instead of using the tool but okay

  22. Trap 11 is crazy!!!! LOL left the queen in the dust. Neutralized!

  23. Where do I find that spreadsheet shown in the beginning?

  24. Great video! I play the London and the most impressive game I saw was Kamsky x Shankland (trap # 15).

  25. For trap 17: Black plays bishop d6 is a good defense for this trap. If white bishop on f4 takes, black does something link Ne4. If white bishop falls back, black castles and eliminates threat. To go back, If Nb5 takes bishop d6, fine thats a fork but for a lesser piece, move black king and take knight back with queen. Decent trade. Not sure why this wasn't considered when considering black defense..

  26. Amazing videos as always, Nelson! You speak so clearly and break everything down so that I feel even i can do it, lol. Keep up the great work!

  27. What I didn't like was multiple annoying adverts breaking in every couple of minutes – it's getting ourrageous – I can't subscribe to that.

  28. Trap 17
    If they play Knight to b5 attacking and forking on b7.
    It's simple black should play Queen to a5 check on white king then taking the knight on b5.

  29. Interested to see the ratings of the morons falling for this stuff. As finegold says, tricks are for kids.

  30. Maybe im just low enough rating (1000) but i never see anyone moving pawn to c5😔

  31. Trap number 16. why doesn't white capture the pawn on e6 with his own pawn?

  32. How should we develop London opening against E5 pawn move

  33. So there are a lot of variations here, is there a method you recommend for me to remember them all.

    Rn I have chosen the London to be the first opening I learn/master before choosing a opening for black and I feel like these are important to know before doing so. However there's just so many variations idk the best way to practice and memorize them

  34. Wonderful video Nelson. I recently learned the London and am having success. You clearly explain how I can use the London more effectively with greater variety.

  35. great video but basically all of these traps rely on the c5 pawn move

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