The 7 WORST Chess Openings (According To Stockfish)

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👚 Merch: I searched 500 pages of the book Unorthodox Chess Openings to find these 7 openings which are extremely bad, according to stockfish.

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Senechaud Countergambit
3:39 – Mosquito Gambit
5:41 – Matovinsky Gambit
11:45 – Orsini Gambit
14:21 – Frederico Variation
17:09 – Jerome Gambit
20:11 – Tumbleweed/Drunken King

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  1. L my gambit is worse my Latvian gambit variation is +3.78💀 but if opponent messes up it’s mate in 2

  2. once when playing martin i was white and it was +61 position

  3. You know the opening is bad when it's called "the drunken king" like most openings are called some fancy shit like "the Parisian sword manoeuvre, king Henry VIII variation"

  4. You kind of went a little overboard on the depth of the variations you could have squeezed in 10 or 15 openings

  5. I really like this video. It's a lot of fun and a refreshing change to spend some time looking at fabulously weird openings as opposed to all those sensible,calm , good openings we should all really,really study. Please make another one.

  6. 4:51 what about Nd2? It has a knight defended by a queen, a bishop, another knight and the king too.

  7. The Englund gambit is the one I see all the time as a 1300 rated player, and it’s garbage, I can’t believe it didn’t make the list. I just checked opening tree and I haven’t lost a game to it in the last year. It’s so easy to prepare for and the lines are so easy to memorize, I can’t believe anyone plays it. It’d probably kill against 600’s but I can’t imagine anyone above 1000 losing to it. It’s fun for me, I love seeing it honestly, but it’s garbage for black. It’s not tricky enough to justify purposely getting a losing position in the first five moves

  8. in the jerome gambit, considering the evaluation i just randomly said -4.2 and when i saw that it was ACTUALLY -4.2 i popped off so hard

  9. At 18:15, I don't understand why it's not beneficial to move the king forward one square. It protects the knight, and even if the white queen moves up 1 square to compensate, you can still put pressure on it with a pawn, that'll be defended by the king.

  10. "I do not recommend the Jerome Gambit"


  11. I remember someone played the Mosquito Gambit against me. He lost.

  12. I guess the plus 2.9 I promise I did not know the answer

  13. I won’t remember any of this and that is why my rating will remain at 1300.

  14. Drunken King variation I was playing 2000 2100 elo

  15. Me a 400 playing these cuz I don’t know what to do

  16. In the matovsinky gambit you could’ve went queen d5 and fork their king a rook

  17. 9:07 why not bishop c4 check in response to queen takes? Moves available are block with bishop on d5 then recapture as white bd5 only legal move is kf8 then forced mate with qf7 or am i missing something?

  18. at the lower levels the big mistakes people make are not the openings themselves but simply not knowing how to defend them, youll be surprised how many people lose their queen within the first 10 moves in the Wayward queen attack

  19. kmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he is a goog teacher

  20. I think you should talk about the damiano defense

  21. In matovinsky gambit you coulve played pawn captures knight king takes then bishop check king moves then queen takes rook checkmate.

  22. Love the Jerome Gambit for bullet and blitz though.

  23. It's the first move that enters the Matovisnky Gambit…uhhh…it's the only legal move also

    Nelson's sense of humor is underrated

  24. Please make a list of most fun, most played gambits.

  25. I actually know a lot about matovinsky gambit before this video

  26. So the Mosquito is like a wayward queen atk for black starting with the Englund gambit, trying to go for Scholar's #, wonder why they named it that
    Also the Drunken King walking in the open diagonal is quite humorous, quite ballsy he's like "come check me bitch"

  27. The Stockfish 15 NNUE evaluation at depth 30 for each of these are as follows:
    Senechaud Countergambit; +2.6
    Mosquito Gambit; +3.27
    Matovinsky Gambit; +4.23
    Orsini Gambit; -3.17
    Frederico Variation (actual name being Sicilian Defense: Hyperaccelerated Dragon, Fianchetto, Frederico Variation); +2.86
    Jerome Gambit; -4.06
    Tumbleweed Variation; -4.16

  28. But it's already check mate in matovinsky gambit if the pawn takes the black knight then the white bishop gives a check then White's queen will delivered the check mate am I right?

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