The Best Chess Opening For Beginners?

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  1. "Now you can gang up…"
    The dark Knight gambit music plays….

  2. Its a crime to not play the evans gambit when applicable

  3. I completely agree. Every time I teach someone chess, Fried liver and Evans gambit is the first I teach them. Because the Plans and ideas for White are clear and easy to learn and since one inaccuracy can cost you the game as Black beginners will fall very quickly if you know some theory in these openings.

  4. Easy openings Italian game. London, Queen’s gambit? Really any queens pawn opening is fairly easy to play

  5. The Creator Formerly known as EAS Rob says:

    I’m trying to remember how it goes but there’s a tricky line in the Bc4/Bc5 line where if the opponent plays wrong (and the natural looking “principled” moves after the knight takes on e4 and you castle are the wrong ones) they lose a piece with a queen vs 2 rooks swap where you have the queen.

  6. As a fried liver player,i basically need to play the Italian

  7. Italian game + fried liver attack gave me 170Elo points(630-800), mostly Gucio Piano Gambit. Also thank you for reminding me that 0-0 goes a few moves earlier to prevent Bb4+

  8. My rating shot up during my lower elo era when I learnt the traxler and its lines. It's lethal and works incredibly well against newer players

  9. Everybody is a gangsta until your opponent pulls out the Traxler Counterattack.

  10. Can you stop making shorts and fix the broken site please

  11. Aren't you meant to explain that there is a fried liver for beginners?

  12. sacrifice the bishop for a pawn, wow so pro

  13. If you play Knight g5 the queen will take your knight

  14. Yes, italian is very simple and most of the times it goes like a knife trough butter and it's very good for beginners however I personaly think it's harder to get crazy advantage over your opponent and most of the times the winner gets his advantage in the endgame.

  15. Nah the most beginner move is moving the pawn thats in front of the rook.

  16. This move is also good because your bishops aren't trapped and can easily be developed

  17. I still don't know what to do after developing all the peaces should i attack if yes then how is there any particular video for this too?

  18. Poor chess opening, just because it's easy to learn doesn't mean it's good. Especially that C4 bishop loses you the centre pawn if he takes it with the knight then forks your knight and bishop after your recapture.

  19. Rate my game? (I won)

    1. e4 e5 2. Nh3 Qh4 3. Ng5 Qxg5 4. h4 Qf4 5. Rh3 Qxe4+ 6. Re3 Qxh4 7. Rxe5+ Ne7
    8. Nc3 Qd4 9. d3 Qxe5+ 10. Kd2 Qc5 11. Na4 Qxf2+ 12. Kc3 Nd5+ 13. Kb3 d6 14. a3
    Qg3 15. Ka2 Bg4 16. Nc3 Bxd1 17. Be2 Bxe2 18. Nxe2 Qe1 19. Ng3 Qxg3 20. b4 Qxg2
    21. b5 Qxc2+ 22. Bb2 Qxd3 23. a4 Nb4#

  20. Why is everyone talking about the Traxler? It's literally +1.6 ish for White.

  21. And now play the bongcloud and it's completely winning for you

  22. Me who is italian:wut, why its called italian game?

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