The Best Chess Opening For White

In this video Andrea Botez shows basic ideas and main lines of her favourite opening: The London System. This new Crash Course series will help beginner and intermediate level players grasp different concepts and principles in chess. Drop a like and ask any questions you have about the London System in the comments section!
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0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Early e6 blocking the light-squared bishop
7:13 – Copycat line with Bf5
9:57 – c5 and Bg4
11:20 – c5 and early Qb6
12:43 – Qb6 mainline
15:24 – e4 plan against the King’s Indian Defense

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  1. Please don't call the people who picked to watch the video and learn the london opening here a simp because its that is not the reason they watched it

  2. Wow! What a great teacher you are dear drea

  3. Great video, definitely adding some of this to my London repertoire

  4. Keep leveling up Andrea practice is the best also teaching helps a lot of us,you are incredible teacher…

    🙏🏻🙏🏻Blesses and all the best luck for you…

  5. I personally took to her teaching style. Please do more instructional videos, even if only a “limited series.”

  6. 13:55 "Only square on c3"but what about queen takes pawn on a2? Is that a good move?

  7. Why can’t queen take on a2 after b2 in the main line? Am I just missing smthn rly obvious

  8. Excuse my ignorance, but in min 14:00, why is the queen forced to move to c3 rather than say, a2? If a2 is a mistake, what follows? I can't seem to find a decisive disadvantage for black from there. What am I missing?

  9. are you lemon flavoured cos your a bitta me, absolute weapon,

  10. Wtf she’s actually great at this! Whot!? Also why not take the ‘a’ pawn with the black queen?

  11. This video is so jammed packed full of useful, understandable information I'm bookmarking it I know it's going to take me more than one viewing to fully digest every point you make here. Great content!

  12. Most sexy and beautiful player in Chess community 😅🌹

  13. I am so grateful for your chess website, I have learned much, I look forward to advancing my chess tournament play with your teachings.

  14. No holy shit, I'm drunk at the moment and I don't post unapologetically very often like this anymore, but this is literally the best youtube video ever.

  15. Lol “this bishop is terrible it's like the bishop from France "

  16. 13:30 Actually in that position, after Qc2, Bf5 does not work because of dxc5, but if you played Qb3 instead of Qc2, then there is c4 Qc2, then Bf5 works.

  17. What do you do in the beginning when black doesn't play e6 to block their light squared bishop?

  18. i never studied chess like thiss before

  19. Me gusta, y lo mejor es que también se puede jugar contra la "defensa India de Rey", una apertura con que me han causado problemas en mi juego

  20. Has Andrea ever played the London in London? You're welcome for the content idea 😂😂

  21. With Qb6 line, after Qxb2 Rb1, can't black simply pick up another pawn with Qxa2?

  22. An excellent foundation for building a complete repertoire for white!

  23. Man oh man, I wish Andrea would make more videos like these, she is fabulous at teaching, at least to a beginner like me. I love how she ascribes characteristics to the pieces: "this sad little bishop". It's really making the game come alive to me in a fun way, rather than these "serious" imposing chess pieces weighted down by centuries of history! I'd love Alex to do similar videos if she was ever so inclined.

  24. What is wrong with you? Are you like 9 years old are you drunk why do you talk this way? And if you are a man for the challenged I apologize

  25. Really useful information for me, a beginner student of the London System! Thank you.

  26. Why do content creators on youtube add background music? Its just really annoying and makes the person talking harder to listen to.

  27. Hi Andrea…, Excellent video and very informative and thank you for sharing the video… Andrea is bright, intelligent, and attractive… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana 🙂

  28. 15:24 I love playing this line vs King’s Indian. So many KI players ignore white’s opening and don’t realize how much trouble they’re in until 5 or 6 moves too late. It’s an absolute bloodbath.

  29. Ha! I learned chess from a Scotsman years ago. I started looking into books. But I knew to beat him, I can never study enough. He was a club player. I started playing my own style. I came up with this opening with some move order errors after losing a lot of games to low rated players… sigh. Anyway, some of the ideas must've stuck. It seems I reverse e gineered a Londonesqe opening myself. Wow. I dont know any openings. I play for fun, Its not serious.

  30. I'm sorry, it's 4am, nobody is reading this… but i'm like, in love with Andrea's voice. And she's soooooooooooooooooooo smart and so strategic with her game. I'm sorry, ya'll. Cringe simp whatever. I'm veryyyyyyyyyyyy attracted to people like her. What's my type??? My type are girls who try to be the "best in the world" at shit. She's like, so freaking attractive to me. Her bubbly, spontaneous personality just doesn't seem like it'd match up with that of a "professional chess player" but she is exactly that and I think the contrast/perfect fit is just so funny & addictive for people to witness. Does that make sense? idk. You just don't see people like her out there in the world. She's so rare.

  31. Trying to learn from this video makes me realize how stupid I actually am when it comes to chess. I feel like it's going through one ear and out the other but I'm really trying to retain this information. There's so much to consider! Sheesh. I'm gonna London all the way to 1,000 ELO, let's goooooooooooooooo

  32. Not too sure what she’s saying. But she’s crazy smart.

  33. So I thought Chess was complicated until I watched this… now I know it's complicated!

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