The Biggest Opening MYTH


  1. Yep. My style pretty much does account — albeit loosely — for my opening repertoire.

    It would be interesting, though, to explore why I play the positional mainline Ruy Lopez with White, but with Black I'm more inclined to seek radical imbalances, with the Alekhine as default, interspersed with such violent gambits as the Marshall Attack and the Traxler (or, as spell check would have it, the Tracker).

  2. Generally openProceeds to playing closed ruy lopezGenerally closed Dutch and Benko☠️Hahaha choose wisely

  3. I agree with that Zach, we should play openings that suit us best without worrying about Elo restrictions.

  4. This is good advice for life in general. Stop worrying about what people say is "best" to do and focus on what works for you

  5. Well, I believe there are some ELO restrictions. It’s difficult to pick up the Grünfeld or the Najdorf Sicilian if you’re below a certain level because there are so many different lines to study, many of them very in-depth and having complex ideas. But for the most part, I agree, and I’ve been advocating for that for years. Play what suits your style best.

  6. What is actually the difference between strategics and tactics

  7. Me who is 400: That's so true! I am gonna let no one stop me and play the Ruy Lopez!
    Resigns in 10 moves

  8. Me who is 400: That's so true! I am gonna let no one stop me and play the Najdorf!
    Resigns in 10 moves

  9. Im an agressive player and i play queens gambit, I first put the bishop in the diagonal where it attacks the castled king or get the center of the board if takes and develop as much as i can while stopping black from moving properly, So basically you can be agressive on d4 and c4

  10. Of course… This is a general advise good for beginners. But it's generalizing because some tactical beasts played d4 (Kasparov, Pillsbury) and a famous defense that has solid reputation like the Caro kann has been played by both aggressive and positional players (Firouzja and Karpov)

  11. Disagree. You should learn different openings, even if they are not based on your playstyle, so that you learn fundamental rules in different positions (passive, agressive, attacking, defensive…)

  12. Yeah, that's like Stockfish's best move… Don't worry about just making best moves, worry about getting into positions that you like.

  13. I play Italian or spanish w white and sicilian w black (just most of the time)

  14. I play 1.d4 and just blitz out the same London blunders 1000 games in a row

  15. Take note, he didn't say you should play the LONDON SYSTEM nonstop😭😭😂

  16. "Weaker players don't have styles. They only have weaknesses" -Magnus Carlsen

  17. I been playing the London forever since it work the best for me. Started using at 600 elo and still using it at 2300 elo

  18. The jobava london system is extremely tactical and aggressive and it starts with d4

  19. For me:

    English opening players: 😎
    Bird opening players: 🤡

  20. I'll make my transgender opening into real thing like Magnus on my 800 wlo

  21. I play 1. D4 D5 2. E4 as white, what does that make me?

  22. Thank you because I'm 700 ELO and I play the french and not too bad with it either but there are so many people who think it's too soon for me to play the french even though I've gained 200 ELO in 4 days

  23. meanwhile levy: don't play the sicilian until you reach 2200 elo

  24. There’s aggressive and tactical openings for d4 as well. The Jobava comes to mind. I hit an old timer rated around 2400 with it over the board last weekend and he said “What. Is. This?”

    I still lost but it confused him for a good minute

  25. hi is queens gambit great for 1000 elo?

  26. As an aggressive type of chess player I love playing the kings gambit

  27. Great opinion:Play whatever opening you like
    Gigachad opinion:Do what you like

    -The guy who is the autistic guy in my friend group

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