The Chess GAMBITS Tier List ft. Hikaru Nakamura

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Hikaru Nakamura and Mr. GothamChess attempt a Tier List (tiermaker) of chess openings, with a focus on chess gambits. The tier list of chess openings is designed for beginners and intermediate level players. Featured are Eric Rosen’s Stafford Gambit, Nakhmanson, and others.

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Albin Countergambit
4:59 Alekhines Gambit
8:25 Belgrade Gambit
10:55 Benko Gambit
12:45 Blackburne Schilling
15:07 Blackmar Diemer
17:02 Budapest Gambit
20:01 Danish Gambit
22:32 Elephant Gambit
25:13 Englund Gambit
28:06 Evans Gambit
30:18 From Gambit
33:43 Halloween Gambit
36:50 Icelandic Gambit
39:47 Jaenisch Gambit
43:02 Kings Gambit
45:23 Kloosterboer
47:58 Latvian
50:26 Lisistyn Gambit
55:21 Milner Barry Gambit
58:36 Nakhmanson
1:02:03 Orthoschnapp
1:04:53 Portuguese
1:06:48 Queens Gambit
1:07:48 Scotch Gambit
1:10:26 Smith Morra
1:12:26 Stafford Gambit
1:15:35 Staunton
1:21:08 Tennison
1:23:52 Urusov
1:25:29 Vienna Gambit
1:30:41 Wing Gambit

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  1. Alakhain sitting in his grave : you guys are dump as f, didn't remember the opening and GMs

  2. what about Cow opening
    *it was not invented that time 😂😂😂😂

  3. Eric is likely more offended that you didn’t rate the Stafford Gambit higher.


  5. one gambit you forgot to mention: the epic Botez Gambit (I actually won with this before lol)

  6. Stafford Gambit has a ton of tactics unless you are playing against players who are over 1800 or so. Stafford isnt that good but neither that bad, i mean white has 1.3 advantage but its preety drawable at 1600 level.

  7. Chess is at a all low 1500 is considered Beginner Tf is this

  8. Tell me more about the poutine gambit

  9. I am disgusted that they put the Benko in total trash

  10. I appreciate this video with every point in my 300 ELO.

  11. If you look closely a comment at chatter at 21:21 gets banned for saying “you stupid gay”


  13. as a person who is Serbian, and seing as how Belgrade is the capital of serbia, I can confidently say that your pronunciation belongs in the actual trash tier. See IN Serbian its called BeoGrad Witch means white city

  14. I do not know what strength is in my blood… but I swear to you, I will not let Belgrade fall, nor our people fail.

  15. I love the king's gambit man even they say it's a trash* because I left this game and when I found that king's gambit, I started the game again, I'm 1500 thanks to king's Gambit, It hurtsss they are saying trash to this legendary gambit, it's a hard gambit bt you know there are tons of tactics there you can use in king's gambit , they are saying it's hard in beginners, I won tournaments with this gambit lol*

  16. Woohoo! My Belgrade makes the cut of "very powerful, on the border of unstoppable!"

  17. DuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuRRRRRRRRRRRaaaaaSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  18. so glad levy doesnt do vids with hikaru anymore

  19. the chess gambits page on wikipedia actually lists 4 alekhine gambits

    the alekhine defense gambit
    the scotch alekhine gambit
    the caro alekhine gambit
    the french alekhine gambit

    the alekhine defense gambit being the one dicussed in this video
    but since they are all called alekhine gambit on wikipedia they might have gotten switched up

  20. Now, its the season of Alien Gambit 👽👽

  21. Botez Gambit to everyone: 'Total Trash'
    Botez Gambit to Magnus Carlson: 'Unstoppable'

  22. In the Blackburn Shilling's defense I'm an 845 and I just resently played a 1200. I tried the Blackburn Shilling Gambit, and even though he took my knight, I still won the match.

  23. Btw haha i do wanna say ive successfully played that one several times, 1. d4 e5 2. dxe5 Bc5 3. Nf3 d6 4. exd6 Ne7 5. dxe7 Bf2+ 6. Kxf2 Qxd1. And then u can judt escape altho i dont recommend it cause its a game of luck hoping they will make the right move(otherwise u just simply have a pawn sitting in ur space while losing pawns already and yeh. But i just wanted to mention it can and does sometimes work. Great vid tho guys

  24. Benko gambit is not trash. You are wrong with that and Halloween gambit is very powerfull?

  25. I've realised I lost a day or few ago by the Blackburne. Good to know.

  26. Danish/Smithmora gambit, the only opening I know with white, got me to 1700+. With the French as the only opening I play as black.

  27. Nikola Karaklajić (Cyrillic: Никола Караклајић, Belgrade, 24 February 1926 – 16 December 2008)[1] was a Serbian-Yugoslav chess master. He was the first notable exponent and probably inventor of the Belgrade Gambit.[2] He won the Yugoslav Chess Championship in 1955, competed in the 12th Chess Olympiad, Belgian Chess Championship, European Team Chess Championship and played notable games with Hans Berliner, Borislav Ivkov and others as part of the peer group of strong Yugoslav players contemporary with Borislav Milić.

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