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  1. Cow opening has new competition 🔥🔥🔥

  2. oh levy you actually did the egg hard boiled variation,

  3. I hope Magnus plays the EGG soon

  4. If they want a balanced breakfast, black should respond with the BEEF

  5. Goffam: dont move a piece twice in the opening
    also Goffam: E G G

  6. Why EGG instead of simply EG4 ? two moves instead of three to reach the same position in the board… What is the advantage to delay 1 move and let the opponent develop more pieces in that meanwhile ?peaces

  7. What about the daddy opening you play d3 a3 d4 e3

  8. In another universe , the fried liver attack is called
    "The fried egg attack"

  9. Whats crazy for me is that when i first started playing chess i kinda invented an opening similar to egg.

  10. I wonder how bad an opening would HEAD game be?

  11. Hey Levy, any chance you will bring back sub battles – ideally with Hikaru? I've seen them so often, I essentially know the lines and games by heart. Still love to rewatch them, but some news Levy – Hikaru content would be amazing.

  12. I playd the egg and lost my queen and won the game by a blonder from my opponent AT the end. The Egg opining is good

  13. i mean, is it a gambit or is it not? seems like you're doing everything you possibly can to not lose a pawn lol

  14. Levy: "Just move all your pieces", Also Levy: "We are going to move pawns first 10 moves"

  15. Petition for a petition for this to become a thing

  16. The egg opening is too powerful that it will harm the person who plays it..its a legendary opening

  17. LOL i played the egg opening and i won 6 games (bullet) in row , thx levy

  18. Sad thing is this setup gave me my best win against martin.

  19. Moderator really went "Making the mother of all omelettes here Jack! Can't fret over every egg".

  20. me: 1500 rated
    also me when i play against a 300: e3 e4 g3 g4 g5 g6 THE EEGGGG

  21. or more like balls gambit or testa…….

  22. 18:56 he doesn’t like that move because black already moved that pawn, but also he likes egg 😂

  23. First game Levi did the French poached egg, or egh for the most familiar with it

  24. Why move the G pawn twice instead of once? It seems like you're just giving your opponent an extra turn to develop.

  25. Tried this out on a bot, checkmate in 11 moves, it was an easy bot though

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