The Fastest Checkmate Explained

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  1. I used the first one on my friend and he was mind blown. Bro got checkmated in 2 moved and he was lost

  2. In the first one he says if white moves either pawn…huh? If white moves g3 this doesn't work lol. So not exactly.

  3. Actually if black does f5 or f6, u could checkmate by doing e4, and use ur queen to check. After that, they are going to defend the king with the pond. Then u should move ur bishop to the first square it could go. They will definitely take the queen but that’s a major blunder because if white just takes the pond it will be mate.

  4. dont attempt scholar's mate if your elo is over like 300

  5. only time i ever played scholar's mate was in a game of fischer random chess where i noticed this kind of pattern (thought slightly altered obviously) was available and my opponent had no memorized moves or theory/counterattacks to rely on

  6. Bro the scholars mate only works under 200 ELO

  7. yes, they are easy, but the opponent will easily notice them

  8. You have to force the opponent to play that way

  9. Qf3 in my opinion is better for scholars mate imo because they can't just shut it down with a pawn. Granted, they are likely to play Nf7, but if you do the other version and they use the pawn you end up down a tempo.

    Either work, but this is just preference.

  10. first checkmate is when schlatt got checkmate and the opponent just says "schlatt?"

  11. Everybody gangsta until he plays Kh6 πŸ˜‚

  12. But what to do if opponent use queen to safe 😒😒

  13. JSchlatt Gambit and Scholar’s Mate.

  14. In the second one everybody gangsta unless knight to h6

  15. 900 elo has played this against me lmao

  16. "Um actually, you can also check mate in two moves as White. The f7 β™ŸοΈ is the weakest right? Do King's β™ŸοΈ then if he/she/ the opponent moves his/her f7 pawn then move your queen to H5 then CHECKMATE πŸ€“"

  17. In both cases you have to be asking for it, though at first I did always try scholar’s mate on everyone I ever played

  18. Pov: second one isn't as good because if you move one warrior up the other one the king is protected

  19. No opponent will play this move😎😎😎😎

  20. "Now it's your turn to checkmate in challenges"

  21. What if my opponent is better than martin

  22. what if the black plays knight to h6?? i didnt understand

  23. The first one is also known as the scholars mate

  24. I always use the 2nd to checkmate my opponent

  25. I tried second trick on my 6yr old brother….he just moved g7 forword πŸ’€πŸ’€mission failed….i sware he learned chess jst 2 days ago

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