The Fastest Losses of Magnus Carlsen’s Career

The Fastest Losses of Magnus Carlsen’s Career



  1. Yeah, I never thought this guy was any good.

  2. Trying to mask the illegal move is cheating. What a dick.

  3. I still think the whole not being able to move the piece even a half sec after taking your hand off is a dumb rule. Especially at this level. Once you move and take your hand off you should be committed to using that piece but the play should end once the timer is pressed.

    There's also the dumb rule about supposedly having to call when you're adjusting a piece in a square. As if master chess players would try to move pieces to another square on camera surrounded by spectators.

    Who wants to watch someone lose like this?

  4. youd think the move would only be set when the timer is hit

  5. 2:41 what if he moved white king up? its check mate next move using the queen no matter what, or am i tripping? And i dont even play chess. Edit : nvm he can move black king to the left (only option i found so far) But then you move pawn to attack the horse and forces it to move.

  6. He was probably drunk in the last game.

  7. Interesting to watch when a foul move is made the look is “what me?”

  8. "Because he has the white pieces, he really needs to win this Game"
    … .why though?

  9. this commentary is so random, only reason for it is to create suspense/action

  10. superlatives with no end… sry, not working

  11. He resigned the last game a little prematurely; not willing to tarnish his reputation with a possible forced lose, poor sportsmanship really, should have played a little longer

  12. Can someone tell me that what is chess, and why do people play this bumstick game ?

  13. Dang didn't even he could even lose lol

  14. Ha, so I'm better at something in Chess than Magnus Carlsen. I've lost faster than him. Take that Magnus!

  15. Some people think that if their opponent plays a beautiful game, it’s OK to lose. I don’t. You have to be merciless. ~ Magnus Carlsen

  16. the ur still our world champion at the end feels weird when hes no longer

  17. Magnus is still the best

  18. bro only loses when he blunders, otherwise hes god

  19. 7:44 c4 huh?This guy clearly doesnt know how to play chess

  20. People love heroes

    what they love more is to see a hero fails

  21. last person who he played hes not from Norway A was armenian and game was played in Yerevan

  22. Even when it comes to who's losing faster, he's still the GOAT 🐐🔥🔥

  23. Magnus Carlsen is the best ranked chess player but that doesnt mean he wont lose in chess games

  24. you are either 1500 or you are just trying to explain to the lower rated audience

  25. 2:33 Magnus misses a chance to save the game with QB8+, winning a rook and possibly the game. With time pressure at 8 seconds, it's certainly hard to see.

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