The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career

These are The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career


not ludwig 😉


  1. 5:03 could've been in h4 in order to gain time for put the pawn out of the way and run with the king

  2. your voice is nice make many chess videos

  3. bill gates is no longer even in the top 5 richest men in the world

  4. Monsen's game was a heck of a lot more competitive than Gates.
    I expect Monsen understood where & how he lost. Gates didn't even see "mate in one".

  5. magnus winning not only means that he is skilled, but also their opponents made mistakes, like the mate in 9 moves was a big blunder. you didn't include time increments in the total time use, so the time is actually higher. even if you did, which would have been less clickbait, it's still an extremely good result for magnus

  6. man i need him as mi trainer I'm terrible at chess

  7. I got beaten today in just 15 seconds, i was active for 9, meaning the entire round lasted 24 seconds.
    My fastest of all time, loss that is.
    Wuickest victory is a couple of minutes

  8. Where is the match in the thumbnail? Thumbs down 👎

  9. Ik nothing about chess but I enjoyed watching this dude clap 💀

  10. Magine a game where sacrificing your king isn’t your end? This shit world needs war before we become worse.

  11. For someone new to chess the constant changes in board orientation and quick cuts make it almost impossible to follow what's happening

  12. Too freakin' fast, slow down! Are you on Cocaine?

  13. I can’t get over Magnus’s speed, aggression and creativity. He’s the only other human outside of Anakin Skywalker than can podrace.

  14. Proof posistive that Gates is an idiot and not a Doctor and you shouldnt listen to him espcially on topics relating to health or the future of humanity.

  15. I can beat Bill Gates. And I'm kinda mediocre

  16. Time is added after every move, so you can't say Magnus beat Sergei in just 1 minute.

  17. Magnus is also one of the greatest fantasy Premier League players in the world!!!!!

  18. i have magnus chess app. you can choose his age andp play as if he is at at age. i beat him .. as he was 5 years old. and didnt push my luck for 6 year old marcus

  19. Fun video. Just a little suggestion, can you keep the board on top up at all times and also in the same position. Every time it disappears and reappears or moves, it's hard to get reoriented. Thanks

  20. The only reason why it says 6 seconds is because its the total amount of time of his moves, not the entire length of the game

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  22. Magnus is like the Mike Tyson of chess. His opponents are coming out ready to go the distance, and he just runs up on em and starts throwing wrecking balls. It's incredibly aggressive, compared to a lot of grandmasters' slower approach

  23. stop lying im 3.2 sec for checmate (im not lying)

  24. You’ll need a fast mind than mine to follow this ADHD video


  26. Fucking satisfied to watch cuz i understand nothing about chess

  27. What happens to soon musk he has double the money of bill gates

  28. Chess ♟️ is a dead god 🌹🌚👍 Rest in the good news 🌹 Okay bye

  29. Bill Gates, the richest man alive?????

    And Lord Jacob Rothschild?
    Did he go broke?
    Or did he die already?

    Don't talk nonsense.
    Bill Gates is perhaps rich, but he is just on the same level as some other fish.
    Level 2 or perhaps 3.
    Below him are many more fish.
    And above him are some fish.
    Like those who control most of the big companies etc.
    And it is pretty obvious that mr Jacob is part of the big fish club.
    Bill is considered bait for the bigger fish.


  31. subscribe if you don't want Magnus to mate you!

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