The Italian Game – Beginner Breakdown – 2015.05.26

Mike Kummer teaches “his way” of playing the common novice opening, the Italian Game (specifically the C50 Giuoco Piano). Games by a young Club player are reviewed that illustrate helpful Italian concepts.

Agastya Diwan vs. Keller Sterling Yan: C50 Giuoco Piano, four knights variation
Diwan vs. Bayaan B Hollis: C41 Philidor’s defence
Diwan vs. Dylan Mize: C50 Giuoco Piano


  1. Love this guy, funny and seems real nice too !! These people and Kevin from "The chess website" are my favorites.

  2. In 7:46, when black plays Nd4, g4 is the best move for white because after the bishop retreats, the knight on d4 will be captured by the knight on f3 and black cannot recapture the piece back since there is a pin on the king! Well this is a pretty bad video but there are some things that can be considered good moves peace!

  3. Such a slow and boring lecture, not to mention pretty useless, so much explaining on simple ideas

  4. Sorry if it’s not obvious, but why is 3. … Nf6 so obviously bad for Black. Like I see that it’s giving white’s knight a very powerful square but nothing catastrophic. Is it because it traps the f7 pawn and after 4. Ng5 that f7 pawn is double attacked making castling dangerous for Black’s rook?

    Edit: also wanted to quickly add a quick appreciation for this video and all of SLCC’s content. Awesome stuff for all levels.

  5. Funny that in the first instants you dont move the knight to f6.. if he plays bishop g3 to pin you simply take the pawn on f7 with check.

  6. Dude, you are infectious to watch. I love it! You, Yasser, and Finegold, what a crew.

  7. I like Adam Carolla’s new hairstyle.

  8. love the enthusiasm. don't worry about the crowd. this was great.

  9. When our knight is pinned by a bishop threatening our queen, why don't we just play qd2 and continue our development?

  10. He reminds me of Kramer from "Seinfeld" but a more genious version.

  11. I bet this guy could do a good Joe Swanson impression

  12. guys d4 is a much more fun opening I never really play e4 because I am terrible against the Sicilian

  13. I dont connect with how this guy thinks at all. Would never play nc3 in that position

  14. You have a lovely teaching style Mike. Bring back fun to the learning process Mike. That's what I believe.

  15. '4:58 instead of Nc3 I play c3. I like this line.
    This means you can pressure the b7 pawn if the bishop moves with a tempo on f7 with Qb3.

    So c3, If d6, then d4, exd4,cxd4
    Then if he plays Bb4+ then Bd2
    If Bxd2+ then Nxd2 and now e4 is defended and so is the knight on f3.
    Now if the bishop tries the pin and Bg4 is played then Qb3
    Threatening Bxf7+ and Qxb7 and the queen also is defending the knight on f3.

    If he blunders and plays Bxf3, then Bxf7+, king moves then Qxf3 and the bishop is still defended.

    Then you are up a pawn and black can't castle. Also you can castle either side

  16. '6:09 I think fxe3 is better than Rxe3, Rxe3 looks like the queen can now move and break the pin but it's too slow and the monster move for black Nd4 and whites castle walls are crumbling

  17. '12:06 Kd2 I think maybe a hope that black would blunder and play Qxf3 then Rxe5+, dxe5 and Qxf3

  18. '14:07 I think Bh5 would be better, force that little nuisance of a Knight to the afterlife.

  19. thank you ! but the lesson didnt show me how the maneouvre as white in order to get an advantage , it just showed me i must play H to no lose to black strong pin; but as white player, i didnt create any threats and i didnt win clearly in any of the games….
    I need to watch a video showing how to use the italian game in order to gain an advantage mid and late game , maybe Mr Ben made a video ; if anyone has any link please share with me ! thank you

  20. Man this guy talks too much trash or is thsi aimed at players lower than 1200? because no sane 1200 plays h3 lmfao

  21. I have Problem with the word " kidds' mistakes "

  22. Is it a mistake to play queen on d2 removing the pin? I

  23. This is probably on my 30th hour of chess educational videos, and him running through three whole games of the same moves, its the first time a line has been engrained in my memory. Thank you!

  24. Discovered protection was something new and funny to learn from Mike

  25. Why white moves his bishop to d5 in eights minute and provokes this trade, and let's the knight move to d4 and make worse the pin?

  26. Moral of the story

  27. H3 is a horrible move before black castles..delete this video lol

  28. Bruh this was not a great video. Barely any theory was discussed and the games to illustrate how bad allowing Bg4 was were mediocre. Given, only mediocre players would allow it in the first place.

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