The Opening Mistake You’re Probably Making in Chess

Discover the common opening mistake in chess that can lead to Chess Traps and a hard game! Many players, both novice and intermediate, are prone to making this blunder, significantly increasing their opponent’s winrate. In this video, we dive deep into the intricacies of this error, showing you the Chess Traps you may inadvertently set for yourself, resulting in a Free Queen for your adversary.

If you’ve ever wondered why some games seem to tilt in favor of your opponent from the get-go, it could very well be due to this prevalent opening mistake. With a high winrate associated with these Chess Traps, you’ll want to ensure you avoid them at all costs. By understanding and recognizing this mistake, you can prevent falling for the bait and instead, set up your own Chess Traps leading to a Free Queen for yourself!

By the end of this video, you’ll not only be well-equipped to dodge this dangerous error but also to capitalize on it when your opponent makes the slip. Don’t let your games be determined by early-game pitfalls. Increase your chess high winrate, safeguard your Queen, and master the art of turning the tables on your opponent.

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0:00 Intro, Basic principles and Ideas
2:56 Main Line (5. Nxe4)
3:42 Main Line Option 1 (6. Bb5)
11:15 Main Line Option 2 (6. Bxd5)
13:36 Main Line Option 3 (6. Bd3)
16:26 Line 2 (5. Bxf7)
21:00 Outro

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  1. I play the PIRC and utilize this fork quite often. It doesn't always work out [because I'm 1500-1600 and prone to blunder], but it's always a fun line for me.

  2. You are such an articulate and easy to understand Sensei! Any chance you might do some videos of you playing against random players? Don't care if you win or lose ( pretty sure you would win most of the time) but just wanna see how you react and listen to your commentary. You have a talent of how you explain things leading slowly from the simple to the complex. Id be on board for rooting on your side for any matches you might wanna share with us. What say you?

  3. Biship C4? Weak sauce move. Please play that vs me.
    Bring it on.

  4. I'm not so sure your D5 fork in the main line works. Black has the option Knight to F6, if the queen recaptures white takes the pawn on D5 and if the pawn recaptures then you've ruined blacks king side structure in exchange for one pawn. White can just pull the bishop back and continue with development, black can castle queen side but the ruined kings side definitely seems like compensation for a single pawn especially <2000 elo. Can anyone suggest why this isn't so?

  5. Why did I think it was a good idea trying to learn how to play chess at my age of 71yr old

  6. Interesting. I’m playing at the 900 level so don’t need to worry about this level of study yet. I just need to quit hanging pieces. 🙂

  7. How is this move series a “mistake” for white when it can ensure perfectly playable positions no matter what black does? White can obviously end up in some traps but black cannot FORCE those situations. Black can get a nice game to play with Nxe4 but it does not create a decisive advantage.

  8. The opening shown in the thumbnail is the Spanish, and Carlson plays it sometimes

  9. J’ai fait cette erreur dans toutes mes ouvertures depuis que j’ai commencé les échecs il y a de cela 4 mois. Je suis resté coincé dans les 900 élos pendant deux mois et j’ai arrêté pendant un mois. Il y a deux semaines que j’ai arrêté cette erreur en remarquant que le l’aide ne recommandait jamais ce placement dans les parties et il gagnait presque toujours tout le monde. Maintenant j’ai attend les milles elos. Et je continue les séries de victoires. Drôle de coïncidence. Ceci dit, juste pour dire que je suis complètement d’accord.

  10. E4 e5 knight f3 knight C6 knight c3 knight f6 Bishop c4 sacrifice the knight fork the bishop and Knight take the bishop if you get the chance but I hate YouTube purse for telling this thing because I use this technique against other people and they get f**** rolling

  11. Thanks for trying, but I see the sounds get out of sync with what you do, and…the number 3 is pronounced 3, not tree.

  12. These openings are real minefields !
    Thank you for showing them to us.

  13. What if you moved your bishop to threaten the knight?

  14. The Bd3 option seems natural and very playable for white.

  15. to the point! please! to the point…

  16. LOL. it's not a mistake, it's an equal position. why do you don't analyze best reply? 😀

  17. Your sound is lagging, and this makes it really difficult to follow the video.

  18. I'm only making ONE mistake in the game but it's the same one over and over. My mistake is that I sit down in front of a chess board.

  19. LOL. This is a classic starting strategy since the white bishop will kill the pawn next to king giving checkmate. King will have to kill the white bishop and will be displaced and in next move white knight will kill the black knight. You will never get that opportunity of moving the black pawn to attack both white knight and bishop.

  20. 19:20H3 and G4 can kick the biahop and after knight takes rook it cant escape and the end is 2 pieces ffor rook

  21. I believe that I’ve used the bishop but going one more space which puts the king potentially in early danger but black very simply uses rook or bishops pawn to force immediate retreat of white bishop. I have not been one to open both knights out of the gate. But I do use the Spasky opening move of kings pawn two spaces to open the queens flank immediately

  22. As a human I agree. I tried the other way and I couldn’t see any path forward

  23. But my enemies are watching videos like this!

  24. Vary helpful! And very informative video thank you sensie…

  25. @Chess Sensei – what if white plays Knight C3 after black queen takes white bishop?

  26. It’s been played 15 million times? I’ve played it at least 14 million times. Oops !!

  27. great video. don't know if it's my fault but it's kinda laggy. have to quit 😅. got a little triggerd in my comfortzone but i learn a lot thanks ❤

  28. Well, you Are mad 🤣 you can't lose. You know every possibilities. 😂

  29. most of players wont take your knight they will sacrifice the bishop to destroy your castle and then take your knight thats the eagle set up only a low level player will not see that

  30. Hi chess sensei iam one of your biggest fans, I wanted to ask if it's possible to include PGN's in your video descriptions please

  31. Teach people how too think and not what too think and the world would be a better place for us all

  32. Defending This was the opening was giving me the most problems since u made this video I’ve been watching it over and over again now I destroy this opening!! Thank you 🙏🏾 so much!!!!

  33. Sir , thank you for the video , would you please tell me which software did you use to demonstrate chess moves ?

  34. I like how you explain the moves in a coherent, articulate and easy to understand mode of teaching especially for a beginner.
    You're a gem Sensei.
    Yes! I've definitely subscribed to your channel!

  35. I love his accent! What kind of accent is it? Need it for educational purposes only 😅

  36. I subscribe to your channel I like how you go in detail with all the different scenarios whether it's right or wrong

  37. 6:20… not push pawn. It's checkmate in 1 with Qg1

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