The Pawn | How to Move the Chess Pieces

The lowly pawn is actually quite a complex chess piece. Learn about it’s special two-square move, it’s basic movement, and it’s captures in this chess lesson!

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  1. En passant is probably the 2nd most confusing rule in chess

  2. Sorry for being late but there pawn will be on the square to the right of mine and take mine even though it’s not diagonal

  3. so, all the pawns can move 2 squares at their first move, and you can capture these "2 square jumpers" with the "en passant move", if he lands next to your pawn, just like he would've moved only 1 square, but only if you do it as you next move, you can't do it later, after you moved something else… Am I getting this right?

  4. pan – n = pa
    win – i = wn
    pa + wn = pawn

  5. Great lesson.Thank you.
    Still having to practice..and understand knowing the basics well…key to advancing further.

  6. I have been beginner for 5 years. I am beginner pro. I am best. At giving a way for my opponent to win.

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