The Rule of the Square

Today is the day I reveal a little secret of mine. “The rule of the square” is something I learned about when I was a kid, but I didn’t really get it. After all these years, I still haven’t managed to understand the rule!
Luckily, you and I can both learn more about the rule of the square in my app, Magnus Trainer!




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  1. Magnus is so good he can beat you with just the king.

  2. Magnus is great at teaching all the people he beats but for us regular folk he’s definitely not the 1..

  3. “Those who can’t do teach, those who can’t teach do.”

  4. Although the square is a simple rule, good lesson for begginers. I figured he meant the squarer you are as a person the better at chess you generally are.. .😜

  5. isn't the rule of the square where you divide the board into 4 squares and if your king is outside that square when you move into it then he can't catch you and stop your promotion??

  6. Magnus:"let's all use the magnus trainer to learn the square. But in the mean time, heres a game i played where i used the square, but i don't know how i used it."

  7. Did I miss something or he never actually said what the square rule is.
    So here is the rule:

    A pawn can promote if the opposing king cannot enter or is not within the imaginary square extending from the pawn to its promotion square on its turn.

  8. magnus is basically teaching us that also the best in the world have crucial flows, and that we shouldn't think anything would be able to stop us

  9. I choose to believe that I would have been fine… wow!

  10. Hi Magnus. The square tells you if your king can capture a passed pawn before it queens.

    the distance from the pawn to the 8th and the same distance from the pawn towards the king.
    That forms a square that is pretty easy to visualize. If your kings inside you can catch him. If hes not you wont make it so dont try.

    Your welcome from a sub 400 elo

  11. is this the carlstone guy whos scared to play Tyler1?

  12. Empressed, but the diagram is not good.

  13. "You can learn more about the thing I did not explain about in this video on my website." Ok Magnus

  14. He can play Chess but fails to communicate at all. lol.

  15. Those who can do those who can't teach. This dude does and does well.

  16. Apart from his intelligence, damnnnn he's looking smoking HOT

  17. i still have no clue what the rule of the square is

  18. So simple and so beautiful, I felt white had to have it but to see it explained by Magnus has another weight to it.

    I don't care that it's not your typical instruction video. Everybody knows the square, this is so much more precious!

  19. Thats funny i never knew the rule of the square either but i just intuitively know if the pawn will make it in time. Lol

  20. Now I understand when they say that most intelligent individuals don't know how to teach coz they have their own way of understanding things.

  21. Magnus is a very good teacher. I now only know that

  22. Come on Magnus… I came here thinking you were going to share some "amazing chess secret" and it ended up the title of the video being a clickbait. I wouldn't expect such thing from you mate! lol
    Greetings from Brazil, man

  23. "I've never known how to actually check mate"

  24. Next video: Castling.

    20 secs in the video and he'll use the same quote as below.

    ((Hey!! I've seen some chess matches of his where he moves his king in the 2nd or 3rd move))

    0:27 "…i don't know the rule of the square. Somebody tried to teach me when i was little and i didn't really get it."

  25. "i learned the rule of square from davids forehead"

  26. This is not the way to teach rule of the square. Einetein’s driver was better teaching physics.

  27. Sir please make video on how yo improve calculations skills in chess

  28. To us mere mortals, this looks very hard and complicated. In Magnus mind, he's thinking, ok you put this square shape in the square hole. Then you put this circle shape in the circle hole. Then you put this triangle in the triangle hole.

  29. I still didn't fully understand the square rule but I kinda of got it, in the sense I will look it up especially if it saves time calculating.

  30. Looks like Magnus was studying and we just came here to see how the 1st rank guy in a class studies

  31. I didnt know this rule of the square but this is very easy to calculate, pawn queens in 4 moves and king gets in 5 to pawn so he cant be stopped, so that queen move by Grieschuk if I spelled it right is blunder

  32. The difference between a grandmaster like Magnus and everyone else is that they know the exceptions to the rule and don't even care much about the rule itself.😂

  33. If you didn't know better, you wouldn't have a clue that this is the best player in the World..

  34. So many smart a$$es in the comments😂😂😂

  35. For him there are only a few moves to choose from and get the decision right. For me it seems like endless possibilities and it´s absolutely unpossible to see which ones are the important ones.

  36. That's a lovely chess set and board, could anyone tell me what make it is?

  37. In the chess realm's sacred square,
    Magnus, Hikaru, clash with flair,
    Their moves entangled, a cosmic weave,
    Where strategy and chaos interleave.

    Magnus, serene, in quantum grace,
    Hikaru's chaos, a frenzied pace,
    Their dance unfolds, a timeless art,
    A symphony played, from soul to heart.

    Entwined in the grid's profound embrace,
    Each piece a cipher, in this cosmic space,
    Their play, a code, encrypted deep,
    In chess's labyrinth, secrets keep.

  38. Apparently the gas pump fills the car. I never learned this and just siphon the gas with my mouth every time

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